#AxisOfEasy 228: NY AG Notifies Threat Actors Stole 1.1 Million Customer Accounts From 17 Well-Known Firms

January 11, 2022

Norton Crypto: The new crypto-miner of Norton 360 antivirus,
NY AG notifies threat actors stole 1.1 million customer accounts from 17 well-known firms,
FTC warns organizations to patch Log4j vulnerability and hints at potential legal action… this and more in AofE #228


#AxisOfEasy 227: LastPass VP Claims No Passwords Were Compromised In The Recent Breach Scare

January 5, 2022

LastPass VP claims no passwords were compromised in the recent breach scare,
Apache’s newly released Log4j version 2.17.1 fixes another code execution bug,
Trading platform ONUS refuses to pay a $5 million ransom after being hit by the Log4j hack … this and more in AofE #227


#AxisOfEasy 226: During Lockdowns, Canadian Officials Tracked 33 Million Mobile Phones

December 29, 2021

Army of Hackers bolsters the power of North Korea’s Kim Jong Un,
The CISA, FBI, NSA, and Global Partners issue a security advisory to prevent Apache Log4j vulnerabilities,
During lockdowns, Canadian officials tracked 33 million mobile phones … this and more in AofE #226


#AxisOfEasy 225: Threat Actors Exploit The Second Log4j Vulnerability As A Third Flaw Is Discovered

December 21, 2021

63,000 websites suffer outages as users report issues with the AWS,
Apple sues NSO Group, putting the organization in financial trouble,
Threat actors exploit the second Log4j vulnerability as a third flaw is discovered…this and more in Axis of Easy 225.


#AxisOfEasy 224: CIA Director’s Statement About Cryptocurrency Sparks Media Frenzy

December 14, 2021

Amazon’s server outage affected Netflix, Disney Plus, and delivery services,
CIA Director’s statement about cryptocurrency sparks media frenzy,
Twitter suspends account posting details on Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex trafficking trial…this and more in Axis of Easy 224.


#AxisOfEasy 223: Nine Popular WiFi Routers Were Found To Be Vulnerable To Hundreds Of Vulnerabilities

December 7, 2021

Nine popular WiFi routers were found to be vulnerable to hundreds of vulnerabilities,
NSO Group attacked US Government employees’ iPhones,
Nuns have taken up the fight against Microsoft…this and more in Axis of Easy 223




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