#AxisOfEasy 247: Cybergang Threatens To Topple Costa Rica’s Government With A Ransomware Attack

May 24, 2022

Democratic senators call on the FTC to investigate over selfie data,
Cybergang threatens to topple Costa Rica’s government with a ransomware attack,
Hackers from North Korea pretend to be IT employees in the US… this and more in AofE #247


#AxisOfEasy 246: DEA Law Enforcement Data Breach Under Investigation

May 17, 2022

DEA law enforcement data breach under investigation,
Ransomware attack to close US college after 157 years,
Malicious NPM packages are attacking German companies … this and more in AofE #246


#AxisOfEasy 245: Citizens Should Be Told Government Tracks Their Movements, Says Canada’s Ethics Committee

May 10, 2022

The British government calls for stronger mobile app protections,
Ukraine is using facial recognition as a weapon of war,
Citizens should be told government tracks their movements, says Canada’s ethics committee … this and more in AofE #245


#AxisOfEasy 244: Goldbackdoor Malware Is Used Against Journalists By Nation-State Hackers

May 3, 2022

Reviews of Xi Jinping’s book have been removed from Amazon on Beijing orders,
Ukraine is battling against state-sponsored cyberattacks,
Goldbackdoor malware is used against journalists by nation-state hackers … this and more in AofE #244


#AxisOfEasy 243: Shanghai Residents Find Creative Ways To Challenge Chinese Censorship

April 26, 2022

NSO Group seeks sovereign immunity from the US Supreme Court,
GitHub announces two security vulnerabilities in its local versions,
Shanghai residents find creative ways to challenge Chinese censorship … this and more in AofE #243


#AxisOfEasy 242: U.S. Government Network Was Crawling With LockBit Ransomware For Months

April 19, 2022

The Government of Finland has been attacked with cyberattacks following Zelensky’s speech,
Ukrainian Power Grid targeted by Russian hacker using Industroyer2 malware,
U.S. government network was crawling with LockBit ransomware for months … this and more in AofE #242




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