#AxisOfEasy 283: GoTo’s Data Breach Is Even Worse Than Previously Thought

January 31, 2023

GoTo’s data breach is even worse than previously thought
Social Networking Giant Meta Sues Surveillance Firm Voyager Labs for Unlawful Data Scraping
North Korean Cyber Criminal Group Diversifies Tactics in Illicit Revenue Generation…. this and more in AofE #283


#AxisOfEasy 282: California’s Unprecedented Data Breach Highlights Need For Privacy In Public Safety

January 24, 2023

California’s unprecedented data breach highlights need for privacy In public safety,
Apple’s scanning: Consent from current & future iPhone owners required by law,
New BackdoorDiplomacy attacks on Iranian government entities…. this and more in AofE #282


#AxisOfEasy 281: Hackers Unleash Chaos: Danish Central Bank And Leading Private Bank Websites Under Siege

January 17, 2023

Hackers unleash chaos: Danish central bank and leading private bank websites under siege,
FAA’s Nationwide NOTAM System Outage Leaves Flights Across US Grounded,
Stolen Slack Employee Tokens Lead to Christmas Github Repository … this and more in AofE #281


#AxisOfEasy 280: New Quantum Cybersecurity Preparedness Act Aims To Protect Agencies Against Looming “Q-Day”

January 10, 2023

New Quantum Cybersecurity Preparedness Act Aims to Protect Agencies Against Looming “Q-Day”
Fortinet and Zoho urge their customers to patch vulnerabilities recently discovered in their enterprise software
Are Meta and Twitter Ushering in a New Age of Insider Threats? … this and more in AofE #280


#AxisOfEasy 279: Malicious MasquerAds Lurks Under Top Google Search Results

January 4, 2023

Malicious MasquerAds Lurks Undertop Google Search Results,
Latest in the Twitter Files: Leak Details the Concerning Role Twitter Played in the FBI and
Pentagon’s Efforts,
The UK is Trying to Scrap the GDPR, But How Good is its Replacement, Really? … this and more in AofE #279


#AxisOfEasy 278: Twitter’s Latest Updates: Banned Profiles And Cross-Posting

December 28, 2022

Twitter’s latest updates: Banned profiles and cross-posting,
US Congress Moves Towards Crypto Regulation in Wake of FTX Collapse,
Open FBI files to public review prompts democrat concerns…. this and more in AofE #278




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