#AxisOfEasy 168: Canadian Military Accidentally Runs Psyop Against Own Population

October 20, 2020

Oops! Canadian military accidentally runs psyop against NS residents,
Big Tech efforts to squelch Hunter Biden expose backfires big time,
Online dictionary changes definition of word after manufactured outrage,
Salon #26: Ben Hunt vs the Necessary Industrial Narratives …and more in AofE #168


#AxisOfEasy 167: Google Delists, Then Relists The Great Barrington Declaration

October 13, 2020

Robinhood accounts hacked and looted, support AWOL,
Microsoft and US Cybercommand both attack trickbot,
German giant Software AG’s internal network offline in ransomware attack and more in AofE #167


#AxisOfEasy 166: Crypto Co-Founder Arrested As DoJ Files Indictments In US

October 6, 2020

Crypto derivatives platform BitMex hit with indictments, arrest, Ontario cops misused COVID contact tracing database, AxisOfEasy: It’s not Conspiracy. It’s Culture …and more in AofE # 166


#AxisOfEasy 165: The Hottest New Gig Economy Side Hustle Is To Kick People Out Of Their Homes

September 29, 2020

US Federal Agency hacked by malicious actors, Hackers are actively exploiting Windows Zerologon flaw, This hot new gig economy platform is for evicting people… this and more in AofE # 165


#AxisOfEasy 164: Ransomware Attack On German Hospital Causes A Fatality

September 22, 2020

FTC is preparing anti-trust case against Facebook
Facebook sued for watching Instagram users through their device camera
Suspicious activity spotted on previously hacked CRA accounts and more in AofE #164


#AxisOfEasy 163: Amazon’s Newest Director Is Ex-NSA And Wanted To Surveil All Data, Everywhere

September 15, 2020

easyDNS announces DKIM support on all easyMail accounts
DHS proposes expansion of biometric data for immigrants
AI pretends to confess “I will not be able to avoid destroying mankind” and more in AofE #163




Mark E. Jeftovic

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