It’s 2022 and the Pandemic is Over.

by on January 1, 2022
A Procession of Flagellants – Francisco De Goya 1819

Only the most brainwashed True Believers will cling to the failed narrative.

For a few months now I’ve been writing that my thinking around Covid tyranny and these elite aspirations toward a Great Reset under their purview had shifted. For nearly two years I had feared that we were headed into a new dark age of totalitarianism and repression, that Western leaders would aspire to implement China-style social credit systems and completely takeover the economy and day to day lives of its subjects.

Make no mistake, many establishment elites do want that. It’s just for awhile there it looked to me like they would succeed. But then my thinking started to shift around that. I realized that the entire transformational shift in the very nature of communications (Internet), power (networks) and then money (Bitcoin) meant the very architecture of society had changed so profoundly that this type of top-down, centralized authoritarianism I had feared so much was now untenable.

It was trying to retrofit digital versions of industrial era authority onto a new terrain of decentralized networks and individual sovereignty (at least for those individuals who successfully position themselves for it. Everybody else will be neo-Feudal serfs, and many of them will actually prefer that).

I began to suspect that rather than entering this new Dark Age of Davos inspired technocracy, we were instead experiencing a crescendo, a culmination of over a century of creeping Marxism.

Covid, rather than bringing about a monoculture of globalism, which those who respected human rights feared, it forced the hand of these impulses. It became a matter of Too Much, Too Soon.

Further, my readings of history made me expect that when the entire false Zeitgeist around COVID, collectivism (including climate) came unglued, it would happen very rapidly. A la the fall of the 800-year old Czarist line in under 72 hours, or the collapse of the Soviet Empire within 18 to 24 months.

These last couple days felt like something has palpably shifted

When omicron came out media went hysterical, at the time I wrote that Omicron changed nothing. The early indications were that it was less dangerous than Delta, which was only 1/10th as bad as Alpha (that’s why the casedemic became so absurd under Delta as the fatalities never rose with the case counts).

But I was wrong about Omciron, in that it changed everything. It became very apparent very quickly that Omicron, with data showing 1/2 to 1/3 the lethality of Delta, was a nothing-burger.  Its super-contagiousness meant that COVID would be endemic, but benign.

Over the past few days the CDC moderated its stance on quarantine times, acknowledging the new reality. Here in Ontario the medical board announced no more PCR tests for the non-symptomatic – in other words, there will be no more histrionics over case counts. Schools will remain open, much to the chagrin of teachers’ unions and those conditioned by two-years of Pavlovian fear-mongering.

Now into this highly sensitive state of  self-organized criticality comes the Joe Rogan interview with mRNA inventor Robert Malone. Three hours long to a widespread audience, Youtube took the video down within hours of the interview being covered on Zerohedge.

This was no surprise, so I had already downloaded it before Youtube took it down and I’ve uploaded the video to Rumble here.

What I didn’t expect to happen so fast was the sudden narrative and policy shifts in the face of the undeniable reality that Omicron has ended the pandemic. Super-contagious yet mild in effects, with ultra low hospitalizations and near-zero fatalities, Omicron is nature’s detente with humanity. An all natural herd immunity (except for the part where it was probably, originally cooked up in a lab).

Ironically, the fact that the dominant strain is now a head-cold version of COVID should be good news. However, for many this had become a religion.

There will be those who try to cling onto COVID tyranny for as long as possible and in doing so, they will perpetuate a state of hyper-normalization that will be self-defeating.

Hyper-normalization is a phrase coined by the UK documentarist Adam Curtis, and it describes a state where the prevailing establishment narrative is so absurd and demonstrably false that only the most brainwashed True Believers can cling to it. Only the most corrupt and self-seeking policy makers will attempt to perpetuate it. Those who do espouse it are typically the greatest beneficiaries of the dysfunctional zeitgeist.

Whether it’s Justin Trudeau accusing the vaccine hesitant of being racist misogynists

…or Big Tech attempting to deplatform Robert Malone. Every further incident, every attempt at censorship and gaslighting just makes it all the more clear and undeniable: the only people pushing to continue this state of affairs are insular elites who are detached from reality and who benefit from a system that has lost all legitimacy.

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