No, There Will Not Be Any “Pandemic Amnesty”

by on November 1, 2022

Nothing is Forgotten, Nothing Will Be Forgiven.

On the very first day of this year I wrote that the pandemic was over and that only the most brainwashed true believers would cling to the absurd narratives that enabled it. Since then, all of it has been exposed to be falsehoods, cluelessness and lies:

  • Vaccines were never tested or proven to stop transmission.
  • The fatality rate was around 0.005%
  • Ivermectin worked
  • Masks don’t
  • Lockdowns did more damage than good

…and the final straws for the credibility of all involved:

  • This thing came out of a lab, and
  • “Safe and effective” has become “Sudden and unexpected”

Innumerable careers, reputations and lives have been destroyed in order to enforce a completely debunked narrative as truth. The mainstream media, Big Tech, governments at all levels, neo-liberal glee clubs like the WEF, all coordinated to gaslight the entire population of the world that we were facing existential annihilation, and would have to henceforth trade in our civil liberties and basic human rights to these authorities to escape it.

The economic damage is only now beginning to be felt in runaway inflation with central banks powerless to contain it, at risk of destroying what’s left of the economy.

We don’t need to enumerate the litany of injustice, ridicule and persecution  anybody who tried to counter these absurd narratives had to endure. Lost friends, family, jobs, position, businesses, cancelations, deplatformings – all of it.

So it is unsurprising now that the edifice is crumbling, that those who feathered their nest being “on the right side of history”, seeing that it’s all turning to dust in realtime, are trying to back away from their complicity.

The name of the game now is to try to extract oneself from the most intense and virulent outbreaks of mass formation psychosis in recorded history:


There are many who were up to their eyeballs in this who will now try to frame themselves as “the voice of reason” who was trying to introduce some rationality into the conversation.

Don’t believe them.

“Sooner or Later Everyone Sits Down to a Banquet of Consequences”

If the globally botched pandemic response accomplished one thing, it was to open many people’s eyes to how obsolete and ill equipped our current institutions are for handling a global crisis in this new, decentralized, multi-polar world.

While these oligarchs and technocrats believed they had Divine Right to “re-imagine” every aspect of our lives for some grandiose Great Reset; it’s these self-appointed elites and the sclerotic, self-serving institutions they inhabit who are going to get their asses re-imagined. With a vengeance.

Here’s a few ways that you can start to reclaim your life, and take your power back from those who abused it and used their positions against you:

  1. Vote out any politician who imposed lockdowns or vaccine mandates – regardless of party affiliation. At least the ones who doubled down on them after it became clear how destructive and ineffective they were.
  2. Cancel all paid subscriptions to the mainstream media – you’re better off supporting the many independent outlets and those doing real journalism and providing high-signal content.
  3. Advocate for defunding state-run media apparatuses: NPR in the US, CBC in Canada, BBC in the UK, et al. Stop watching it, listening to it or reading any of their articles. Whatever you do, never click their stories in your timelines or on an ads on their websites. Starve them out.
  4. De-Google-fy your life: Start looking at alternatives to Big Tech. There are other search engines like Duck and Presearch, Facebook is quickly becoming irrelevant (while Twitter may be fun for awhile longer given the meltdowns over the Musk takeover), and there are other places ascending like Gettr, Minds and MeWe).
  5. Don’t hire or do business with Covid fanatics. If you’re hiring or scouting vendors, check their socials: were they demonizing lockdown skeptics? Hashtagging “#Freedumb”? (Better start scrubbing those timelines, mofos)
  6. Buy Bitcoin. Yes, I’m shilling BTC because Bitcoin is the global opt-out – stacking sats is calling b/s on everything – and for the past two years everything has been b/s.

There will be no pandemic amnesty.

By the time this is all over, we’re more likely to see pandemic tribunals.

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One response to “No, There Will Not Be Any “Pandemic Amnesty””

  1. >Vaccines were never tested or proven to
    >stop transmission.

    I pretty much knew this early on, I chose
    to get it because it’s still reduces
    severity of COVID while it’s still around.
    (Which I still would hope maybe won’t be
    forever.) I think the only reason it was
    mandated so hard is that people in
    government were hoping real hard that
    it might prevent transmission as back
    then there also wasn’t yet evidence it
    _wouldn’t_ stop transmission. Ironically
    the resistance to earlier non-vaccine
    measures was probably a big cause of
    governments taking that gamble on hopes
    of getting herd immunity, a gamble that
    didn’t pay off.

    Easier to convince x% of people to get a
    few vaccine shots than convince 100% of
    people to mask up and avoid each other
    for the time it takes to get to zero COVID,
    most people seem to think on _very_ short
    time horizons.

    >The fatality rate was around 0.005%

    I still consider this unacceptably high,
    I am well aware other’s may have a
    different threshold. I take the view
    that for whoever ends up in that 0.005%
    it doesn’t make it any better for them

    >Ivermectin worked

    I don’t really know the answer to this.
    I take the preventative approach that if
    you don’t catch the virus in the first
    place and it disappears it won’t matter.
    If it does in fact work then holding it
    back from people is a serious problem, I
    just don’t personally have enough solid
    info on this to say one way or the other.
    I do have a concern this may have been a
    propaganda effort to make people think
    “There is a cure now so I don’t have to
    worry about catching COVID”.

    >Masks don’t

    I’m pretty sure the masks _do_ reduce
    the risk of spreading it to others if
    you are a pre-symptomatic case or
    non-symptomatic case who doesn’t know
    to stay home (assuming you are wearing
    it correctly) even if they don’t
    do much for the wearer.

    They don’t work if:
    -People don’t actually wear them (which
    happened a lot)
    -They wear them wrong (which also happened
    a lot) because
    –They are going through the motions and
    don’t actually care.
    –They don’t understand how to wear them
    –They are wearing one of the masks that
    have those vents on them that just let
    everything out anyways. (Those are
    meant for dust protection, not infection

    People were/are afraid to say anything to
    those who are not wearing a mask or wearing
    it wrong (or failing to keep their distance)
    incase they become confrontational because
    in this country we are lacking in both self
    defense rights and the means to do so. It’s
    always a safer bet to just back away from
    them when possible.

    As long as COVID is still around to some
    degree I think not wearing a mask when
    in public indoor places or failing to try
    to keep distance is the rough equivalent
    of juggling knives in public, highly
    negligent at best.

    >Lockdowns did more damage than good

    Only because we didn’t make them thorough
    enough or hold on long enough to get down
    to zero. Once you are at zero if you keep
    quarantines on anyone coming from and area
    that’s not there will be nothing to spread
    and rebound.

    Letting loose too soon and allowing COVID
    to rebound just set the stage for repeat
    lockdowns instead of one lockdown to get
    it over with then getting our lives back
    to normal. I lot of business that would
    have made it through a singular lockdown
    were crushed by the 2nd or 3rd or 4th.

    Manitoba made a huge mistake telling
    people it was OK to travel to and from
    other western provinces before all the
    western provinces were at zero. We were
    literally down to one known active case
    in the summer of 2020, a few more weeks
    of local restriction and ongoing travel
    quarantine since then and more thorough
    monitoring and enforcement at the
    provincial borders and we could have
    become a COVID free zone before the
    vaccines were even out which would have
    made vaccination a non-issue except for
    those travelling needing them for their
    own protection. But we didn’t keep our
    eyes on the prize, again people having
    too short of a time horizon.

    Reality is for me as an individual it
    doesn’t matter what I’m allowed to do,
    until COVID reaches zero where I live
    and everywhere that someone is allowed
    to travel here from without a quarantine
    there are a lot of things I won’t be
    doing. Restaurants won’t be seeing a
    cent out of me until this thing is 100%
    gone! The greenies aren’t going to get
    me back on public transit without getting
    COVID gone. As much as I prefer to “ride
    above it all”* and let someone else drive
    if this goes on long enough I’m eventually
    going to get a fossil fuel powered vehicle
    and up my personal carbon emissions.
    (In the meanwhile I’m confined to the
    area I can walk or bike to under
    currently existing weather conditions.)

    *”Ride above it all” was a slogan once
    used by Winnipeg Transit.

    >…and the final straws for the credibility
    >of all involved:
    >This thing came out of a lab

    Also knew this early on thanks to the
    Youtube channel “The China Show” back then
    know as “ADV Podcast” who found some very
    suspicious removal of information about
    certain people from the Wuhan Institute
    of Virology’s web site which pretty much
    confirmed they were covering something up.

    I still don’t think the control measures
    look like a conspiratorial power grab
    unless you are taking it so far as to
    say the virus was developed and released
    intentionally. It looks far more likely
    to be a lab accident that China tried to
    cover up than an intentional release.

    Still no reason we shouldn’t drive COVID
    to extinction, we are humans we are
    supposed to be good at making things
    extinct! ^_-

    >Hashtagging “#Freedumb”

    Would you rather I believe everyone who
    fought any containment measures was
    deliberately trying to keep COVID going?

    That’s a lot more ominous than believing
    people got fooled and sucked into
    propaganda. (Perhaps from governments
    like Russia or China that were trying
    to trick the rest of the world so we
    wouldn’t recover before them causing
    them to lose face.) If anything the
    phrase “freedumb” is giving people
    benefit of the doubt.

    I’m a little concerned that press
    releases or press conferences from
    public health have been slowly “faded
    out” in my province because our new
    premier is trying to suppress anything
    that might cast a cloud over the sunshine
    and rainbows she is trying to depict
    before next year’s provincial election.

    Actually all press conferences have
    gotten less frequent other than them
    occasionally coming out to say “we did
    this good thing about something and
    it’s a done deal, we don’t need anybody
    to do anything”, nothing about anything
    they have in the works.

    I also noticed our new premier was at
    first evading reporter’s questions then
    the province made the switch to not
    uploading the Q&A part of _any_ press
    conference to the province’s Youtube
    page, I guess because people were
    noticing this. Sounds like an effort
    to control the narrative so she can
    distance herself from the previous
    control measures hoping the anti-control
    measure people will forget while at the
    same time hoping the rest of us will
    forget COVID is still running if they
    stop talking about it.

    It’s been a very serious drop in
    transparency since Pallister retired.

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