Top 5 Podcasts for November 6, 2022

by on November 6, 2022


Here are the Top Five podcasts over the last week:

#1) Saifedean Ammous with Alex Epstein on The Bitcoin Standard Podcast


#2) Joe Allen on The Hrvoje Morić Show

My man Hrvoje has been banned from Youtube and Patreon for some time, so listen here.

#3) What Bitcoin Did: The Financial Singularity with Austin Hill

An older episode from nine months ago, I came across it when I started thinking of what’s about to happen with the global financial system as a kind of event horizon and oncoming “Bitcoin Singularity”.


#4) Robert F Smith on Capital Allocators with Ted Seides

Earlier this year I began hearing about Robert F Smith’s Vista Equity Partners, a Constellation Software-style aggregator of over 500 SaaS businesses, so I found this talk on Capital Allocators podcast of interest.

#5) Hidden Forces – Nick Timoraos (a.k.a “Nikileaks”)



Also my interview on the Canadian Bitcoin Podcast from late October:




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