Of Two Minds


Is a Cultural Revolution Brewing in America?

April 9, 2021

The lesson of China’s Cultural Revolution in my view is that once the lid blows off, everything that was linear (predictable) goes non-linear (unpredictable). There is a whiff of unease in the air as beneath the cheery veneer of free money for almost everyone, inequality and polarization are rapidly consuming what’s left of common ground in America.


What Could Go Awry?

April 7, 2021

All of which sounds very pretty indeed, but it does raise a question: can risk really be destroyed, or can it only be transferred? And if it can only be transferred, then what’s it been transferred to? What a remarkable moment in time: every asset is lofting higher, with no limits in sight.


What’s Changed and What Hasn’t in a Tumultuous Year

April 4, 2021

Inequality is America’s Monster Id, and we’re continuing to fuel its future rampage daily. What’s changed and what hasn’t in the past year?


The UFO/Fed Connection

April 1, 2021

Perhaps the aliens’ keen interest in Earth’s central bank magic and its potential for destruction results from a wager. You’ve probably noticed the recent uptick in UFO sightings and video recordings from aircraft of the extraordinary flight paths of these unidentified objects. Perhaps it’s not coincidence that UFO sightings are soaring at the same time as central banks pursue unprecedented monetary policies.


Our "Wealth": Cloud Castles in the Sky

March 31, 2021

Buyers know there will always be a greater fool willing to pay more for an over-valued asset because the Fed has promised us it will always be the greater fool. I realize nobody wants to hear that most of their “wealth” is nothing more than wispy Cloud Castles in the Sky that will dissipate in the faintest zephyr, but there it is: that which was conjured out of thin air will return to thin air.


The Hazardous Detour in the Road to "Recovery" Few Foresee

March 29, 2021

As the level of Fed smack and crack needed to maintain the high increases, system fragility increases geometrically. You know the plot point in the horror film where the highway is blocked and a detour sign directs the car full of naive teens off onto a rutted track into the wilderness?




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