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About That +6.8% GDP Forecast: Remember That GDP = Waste

March 1, 2021

Any economy stupid enough to rely on the insane distortions of GDP “growth” as its primary measure will richly deserve a Darwin Award when it inevitably collapses in a putrid heap of squandered resources and capital. We’re told the gross domestic product (GDP) measures growth, but what it really measures is waste: capital, labor and resources that are squandered and then mislabeled “growth” for PR purposes.


What "Normal" Are We Returning To? The Depression Nobody Dares Acknowledge

February 28, 2021

Perhaps we need an honest national dialog about declining expectations, rising inequality, social depression and the failure of the status quo. Even as the chirpy happy-talk of a return to normal floods the airwaves, what nobody dares acknowledge is that “normal” for a rising number of Americans is the social depression of downward mobility and social defeat.


They Can Always Print More Money But We Can’t Print More Time

February 27, 2021

Is that really what you want to spend your time doing, paying higher taxes? “No matter how much money I make, they will always print more. I can’t print anymore time.”



February 26, 2021

Kill authentic price discovery, you also kill markets, and in killing markets, you kill allocation of capital and risk management, and in killing those, you kill the economy. Back when prosperity was authentic, the Federal Reserve had little need for public relations.


Oil and Debt: Why Our Financial System Is Unsustainable

February 24, 2021

How much energy, water and food will the “money” created out of thin air in the future buy? Finance is often cloaked in arcane terminology and math, but the one dynamic that governs the future is actually very simple.


Anatomy of a Bubble and Crash

February 23, 2021

Needless to say, few are expecting bubble symmetry to manifest now, because, well, of course, “this time it’s different.” Indeed. It’s always different and yet always the same, too.




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