#AxisOfEasy started out as a weekly technology briefing for clients of easyDNS, a managed DNS provider, domain registrar and web services company based in Toronto, Canada.

It tended to focus on all matters: privacy, security, censorship, surveillance and free speech. It seems to have hit a nerve, the customers loved it, and as time went on we decided to spin it out as a standalone property.

What is #AxisOfEasy about now?

  • Exploring alternatives
  • Seeing beyond the frame
  • Full coverage of a world gone full cyberpunk

We are a political advocacy organization for free individuals.

We are not partisan, we do not support or endorse any political parties or politicians.

We regard ourselves as (aspiring) free people who want to engage in political dialogue with other (aspiring) free people to help all people achieve freedom.

We believe that freedom can and will be achieved via a distributed and participatory democracy in a decentralized society.

.Our efforts and dialogue are focused on achieving that goal, as inclusively, accessibly, and respectfully as possible.

We hope that you would share this goal with us, and join us in our efforts to foster smarter conversations that fuel smarter actions that enable a better world for all of us.

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