Of Two Minds


Dancing Through the Geopolitical Minefield

July 2, 2020

The elites dancing through the minefield all have plans, but how many are prepared for the punch in the mouth?Open any newspaper from the past 100 years and you will soon find a newsworthy geopolitical hotspot or conflict. Geopolitical conflict is…


An Interesting Juncture in History

July 1, 2020

Just as the rewards of central-bank bubbles have not been evenly distributed, the pain created by the collapse of the bubbles won’t be evenly distributed, either.We’ve reached an interesting juncture in history, and I don’t mean the pandemic. I’m …


The New Normal: Extremes of Neofeudalism, Incompetence, Authoritarianism and Relocalization

June 30, 2020

The pendulum swung to an extreme of globalization, financialization, centralization and monopoly, all of which created extreme systemic fragility.Here’s what to expect in the rapidly evolving New Normal: extremes become even more extreme as the st…


Forget the V, W or L Recovery: Focus on N-P-B

June 28, 2020

The only realistic Plan B is a fundamental, permanent re-ordering of the cost structure of the entire U.S. economy.The fantasy of a V-shaped recovery has evaporated, and expectations for a W or L-shaped recovery are increasingly untenable. So forg…


The Depression Dominoes Are Toppling

June 24, 2020

Once you allow your economy to become dependent on extremes of debt, leverage, inequality, legalized looting, monopoly, pay-to-play politics and speculative asset bubbles, a depression is inevitable.The pandemic lockdown will be blamed for the Gre…


Is Data Our New False Religion?

June 23, 2020

In the false religion of data, heresy is asking for data that is not being collected because it might reveal unpalatably unprofitable realities.Here’s how every modern con starts: let’s look at the data. Every modern con starts with an earnes…




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