#AxisOfEasy 157: Tik Tok Banned, Sold, Unsold, Unbanned, Rebanned Or Something

August 4, 2020

Tik Tok banned, sold, unsold, unbanned, rebanned or something
Four Hong Kong youths arrested for online postings under new security law
Surprise! Youtube censorship actually expanded reach of California doctors’ video


#AxisOfEasy 156: Amazon Met With Start-Up Founders, Then Ripped Off Their Product Ideas

July 28, 2020

Amazon met with start-up founders, then ripped off their product ideas
Top Top-4 Tech companies have more economic clout than many countries
Garmin down hard after ransomware attack


#AxisOfEasy 155: Turns Out Half The Internet Has A Single-Point-of-Failure Called “Cloudflare”

July 21, 2020

Cloudflare outage takes out huge chunk of internet (but not easyDNS)…New Hong Kong law makes it illegal to dissent for anybody anywhere in the world…AxisOfEasy Salon #13: The “Phase shift” everybody is bracing for has already happened


#AxisOfEasy 154: Police Use Twitter’s Dataminr To Surveil #BlackLivesMatter Protestors

July 14, 2020

Ex security advisor: China’s hacking of Nortel was the beginning of the end
Canadians can opt-out of facial recognition DB by opting into DB
LinkedIn sued for iOS clipboard spying
Police use Twitter’s Dataminr to surveil BlackLivesMatter protestors


#AxisOfEasy 153: Underworld in panic as cops penetrate secret criminal chat app

July 7, 2020

Underworld in panic as cops penetrate secret criminal chat app
New EvilQuest ransomware targets Mac OSX users
BMW to make built-in car features into paid subscriptions


#AxisOfEasy 152: US Bill Would Make Encryption Back-Doors Mandatory

June 30, 2020

New US Bill aims to end warrant-proof encryption
PayPal preparing to enter Bitcoin marketplace
Hackers use Google analytics to steal credit cards
Julian Assange hit with additional conspiracy indictment




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