#AxisOfEasy 180: US Intelligence Bypasses Warrants Through Buying Data

January 26, 2021

DDoS-Guard forfeits IP space, including Parler’s,
DNSPooq: New DNS Cache poisoning kit,
Study “finds” that Canadians would trade free speech to purge hate speech and much more in Axis of Easy # 180


#AxisOfEasy 179: Coalition Of Cancelholics Sues Apple To Deplatform Telegram

January 19, 2021

World’s largest Dark Market shut down by German police,
Pop-up dark market selling Solar Winds source code,
Mimecast trust cert hacked in Microsoft supply chain hack and more in Axis of Easy 179


#AxisOfEasy 178: The Great Deplatforming

January 12, 2021

The SolarWinds shit-show keeps on shitting,
Singapore cops access COVID-19 tracing data for criminal investigations,
Use stupid passwords, win stupid prizes: ZyXel hardcodes backdoor, Nissan uses “admin” and more in Axis of Easy #178


#AxisOfEasy 177: Ding Dong The Flash Is Dead

January 5, 2021

Adobe Flash is finally dead, dead, dead,
Magecart found in Shopify, WooCommerce,
Christmas Morning bombing disrupts AT&T network and more in this week’s Axis of Easy #177


#AxisOfEasy 176: Anybody Who Hasn’t Been Hacked By STARBURST, Please Raise Your Hand

December 15, 2020

FireEye and US Treasuray Department hacked, Russia blamed
Solarwinds Hacked and was attack vector for all of the above and more
Google falls out of bed with Monday morning outage…check it out in Axis of Easy #176


#AxisOfEasy 175: Secrecy Around Top Canadian Cyber-Security Intelligence Officer Caught Spying For China

December 8, 2020

Secrecy around top Canadian cyber-security intelligence officer caught spying for China
S&P to launch crypto-currency indexes in 2021 as Niall Ferguson endorses Bitcoin (OOtc article) plus Salon #33: Ethereum 2.0 could be the scaffolding of the Network State.. and more in Axis of Easy #175




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