#AxisOfEasy 172: Ticketmaster To Require Immunity Passports For Event Attendance

November 17, 2020

Ticketmaster to require immunity passports for event attendance,
DNS cache poisoning attacks are back and
AxisOfEasy Salon #30: The one, the only Doc Searls.. this and more in AofE #172


#AxisOfEasy 171: Police Pilot Program Will Live Stream Neighbourhood Ring Cameras

November 10, 2020

Ledger owners lose over 1M XRP to homoglyph attack,
Police pilot program will live stream neighbourhood Ring cameras and
AxisOfEasy #29: A Deep Dive into the Network State… and more in Axis of Easy #171


#AxisOfEasy 170: Drop What You’re Doing AGAIN And Upgrade Chrome AGAIN

November 3, 2020

Drop what you’re doing AGAIN and upgrade Chrome AGAIN,
New scam using Google to send malware links,
Mailchimp will henceforth deactivate accounts sending “misinformation,” and more in Axis of Easy #170


#AxisOfEasy 169: Stop What You’re doing: Chrome 0-Day Edition

October 27, 2020

New Chrome 0-day, upgrade now
Beyond the pale! Ransomware could target coffee machines
GitHub suspends multiple Youtube-DL repositories after RIAA DMCA notice and more in Axis of Easy # 169


#AxisOfEasy 168: Canadian Military Accidentally Runs Psyop Against Own Population

October 20, 2020

Oops! Canadian military accidentally runs psyop against NS residents,
Big Tech efforts to squelch Hunter Biden expose backfires big time,
Online dictionary changes definition of word after manufactured outrage,
Salon #26: Ben Hunt vs the Necessary Industrial Narratives …and more in AofE #168


#AxisOfEasy 167: Google Delists, Then Relists The Great Barrington Declaration

October 13, 2020

Robinhood accounts hacked and looted, support AWOL,
Microsoft and US Cybercommand both attack trickbot,
German giant Software AG’s internal network offline in ransomware attack and more in AofE #167




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