#AxisOfEasy 235: Cyberthreat Known As ‘Ice Phishing’ Targets Web3 And Decentralized Networks, Microsoft Warns

March 1, 2022

China uncovers details of Equation Group’s covert hacking tool,
Hackers steal $1.7M worth of NFTs from OpenSea users,
Cyberthreat known as ‘Ice Phishing’ targets Web3 and decentralized networks, Microsoft warns … this and more in AofE #235


#AxisOfEasy 234: European Data Protection Supervisor Calls For An End To Pegasus Spyware

February 22, 2022

Google Chrome announces the first Zero-Day of the year,
Several eCommerce stores running outdated software hit by MageCart Attacks,
European Data Protection Supervisor calls for an end to Pegasus spyware… this and more in AofE #234


#AxisOfEasy 233: OilRig Hackers Develop New Backdoor In ‘Out To Sea’ Espionage Campaign

February 15, 2022

Russian Hackers impersonate the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Target European Diplomats,
DHS warns against mistrust of the US government in the latest terror bulletin,
OilRig hackers develop new backdoor in ‘Out to Sea’ Espionage Campaign … this and more in AofE #233


#AxisOfEasy 232: GoFundMe Shuts Down Trucker Convoy Fundraiser

February 8, 2022

GoFundMe shuts down Trucker Convoy fundraiser,
Hacker takes down North Korea’s internet while watching the Alien saga in pajamas,
Microsoft and Amazon executives warn of China’s AI threat while growing AI hubs in the country … this and more in AofE #232


#AxisOfEasy 231: North Korean Hackers Hijacked Windows Update To Infect PCs With Malware

February 1, 2022

Dangerous banking Trojan discovered on 2FA Google Play App,
UKG Hack disrupt payrolls for thousands of healthcare employers,
Linux creator claims to be BitCoin creator in the most geek way possible…. this and more in AofE #231


#AxisOfEasy 230: False QR Codes Can Steal Your Money And Passwords

January 25, 2022

False QR codes can steal your money and passwords,
FIN8 Group targets U.S Bank with New White Rabbit Ransomware,
Israel authorities deny illicit police use of NSO Spyware on protesters… this and more in AofE #230




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