#AxisOfEasy 200: Chat App Of Choice For Cyber-Criminals Turns Out To Be Run By FBI

June 15, 2021

Google’s FLOC already being gamed by adtech companies
Bill C-10 hits rock bottom for Canadian democracy
Vaccine passports come to Manitoba, “no jab = no phone“ in Pakistan… this and more in Axis of Easy # 200


#AxisOfEasy 199: Welcome to Canada: Where Debate On Freedom Of Speech Is Officially Banned

June 8, 2021

Canadian government blocks discussion on internet censorship bill,
Docs show Google shares location data with other apps,
Brave browser adding support for ENS and Handshake domains… this and more in Axis of Easy # 199.


#AxisOfEasy 198: Ransomware Hits World’s Largest Meat Packer

June 1, 2021

Trudeau government reviving Bell’s “Fair Play” site blocking,
CTRC issues wholesale broadband decision that everybody hates,
Canada Post hit with supplier ransomware…this and more in Axis of Easy # 198


#AxisOfEasy 197: Belarus Blogger And Journalist Snatched Off Of Hijacked Plane

May 25, 2021

Android apps leak data vs misconfigured cloud backends,
Personal security app plans private security response,
Belarus blogger and journalist snatched off of hijacked plane…this and more in this week’s Axis of Easy # 197


#AxisOfEasy 196: Doc Searls: How The Cookie Poisoned The Web

May 18, 2021

DarkSide Ransomware group shuts down after cyber counter-attack,
Amazon devices will form mesh networks in your neighbourhood,
25% of Tor exit relays spying on users … this and much more in Axis of Easy # 196


#AxisOfEasy 195: Major US Fuel Pipeline Shutdown By Cyber-Attack

May 11, 2021

Major US pipeline shutdown by cyber-attack,
New DNS bug targets authoritative nameservers,
Network Solutions and experience major DNS outages…and more in Axis of Easy #195




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