#AxisOfEasy 272: Concern Over Rise In Number Of Phishing Attempts: Dropbox Breach Of 130 GitHub Repositories

November 15, 2022

Concern over rise in number of phishing attempts: Dropbox breach of 130 GitHub repositories claimed as latest victim,
Robert McElvaine wants newspapers and the media to choose sides in this election,
Man who had $3.36 billion in Bitcoins stashed in his home, found by the police, … this and more in AofE #272


#AxisOfEasy 271: No, Mark Jeftovic Is Not Trying To Pump Cryptos In Your Twitter DMs

November 8, 2022

No, Mark Jeftovic is not trying to pump cryptos in your Twitter DMs,
Latest Hacking Attempt on Liz Truss’ Phone Raises Concerns about the State of British Government Cybersecurity,
Freedom of Speech Concerns Following Department of Homeland Security’s Move Towards Fighting Disinformation Online, this and more in AofE #271


#AxisOfEasy 270: TechCrunch’s Analysis Of TheTruthSpy And The State Of Other Stalkerware Apps

November 1, 2022

TechCrunch’s Analysis of TheTruthSpy and the State of other Stalkerware Apps,
Mark Sokolovsky, Alleged 26-year-old Behind Global “Raccoon InfoStealer” Malware, Charged by FBI,
Project Texas: How TikTok Responds to Its First Big Crisis… this and more in AofE #270


#AxisOfEasy 269: British Lawmakers Passed A Bill Allowing Protesters To Be Tagged Without Conviction

October 25, 2022

British lawmakers passed a bill allowing protesters to be tagged without conviction,
Florida man imprisoned in Saudi Arabia for tweeting about Jamal Khashoggi,
Cyber Security Chief of Germany Got Laid-Off Due to Ties with Russia … this and more in AofE #269


#AxisOfEasy 268: NYT Conspiracy Theory Comes True In Less Than 24 Hours

October 18, 2022

NYT conspiracy theory comes true in less than 24 hours,
PayPal continues to threaten its user with a $2,500 fine for promoting “discriminatory intolerance,”
Religious freedom group’s account closed by JPMorgan Chase donor list demanded … this and more in AofE #268


#AxisOfEasy 267: The White House Unveiled A Blueprint For An AI “Bill of Rights” To Safeguard The American Public’s Rights

October 12, 2022

The White House unveiled a blueprint for an AI “Bill of Rights” to safeguard the American public’s rights,
PayPal’s new policy to fine $2,500 for disagreeing with their narrative a ‘mistake,’ 
Twitter deletes, then reinstates tweet from Florida Surgeon General … this and more in AofE #267




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