#AxisOfEasy 205: US Gov Flags COVID Misinfo Stories For Facebook To Delete

July 20, 2021

Cloudflare CDN.js bug introduced critical vulnerability into 12% of websites online,
The US government flags COVID misinfo stories for Facebook to delete,
Trading Big Tech shares while regulating them has made Nancy Pelosi $ 70,000,000 USD… this and much more in Axis of Easy #205


#AxisOfEasy 204: New “Hate Speech” Bill Provides For Pre-Crime, House Arrest And Ankle Tracking Bracelets

July 13, 2021

Canada’s C-36 “hate speech” bill provides for pre-crime, house arrest and ankle tracking bracelets,
Cuba shuts down Internet as mass protests erupt in the streets,
White House wants social media and SMS carriers to police “misinformation” in text messages…this and much more in Axis of Easy # 204


#AxisOfEasy 203: Another Supply Chain Attack Infects Thousands Of Businesses With Ransomware

July 6, 2021

Canada’s new “Guiding Principles” for Internet are “Creepily Totalitarian,”
Another SolarWinds type supply chain hack as Kaseya discloses breach,
Microsoft researchers find Netgear router vulnerability… this and more in this week’s Axis of Easy #203


For Canada Day 2021: new Guiding Principles for the Internet, all of it

July 6, 2021

The new Broadcasting Act, Bill C10, may be stymied in the Senate of Canada, but the actual content of its policy objectives has just been released. Heritage Canada has published “Guiding Principles on Diversity of Content online.”


#AxisOfEasy 202: Stop What You’re Doing: Unplug Your WD My Book Live Storage Device

June 29, 2021

Unplug your Western Digital MyBook Storage Drive Immediately,
WHO stealth edits recommendation to not vaccinate children,
MailChimp suspends Babylon Bee… this and more in Axis of Easy # 202


#AxisOfEasy 201: Bill C-10 Rammed Through Parliament In Midnight session

June 22, 2021

Bill C-10 rammed through parlliament in midnight session,
IoT devices could be weaponized for DDoS attacks at record levels,
Peloton software bug allows complete remote takeover… this and more in Axis of Easy # 201




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