Charles Hugh Smith

What If It Breaks?

Posted by on Monday, March 7th, 2022 in Of Two Minds

Making your entire economy a Landfill Economy dependent on the fantasy of infinite replacements and substitutions is the height of...

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If You Want to Build Back Better, Reshore Our Entire Supply Chain

Posted by on Friday, March 4th, 2022 in Of Two Minds

It is entirely accurate to say that the U.S. is addicted to waste and distant sources of essentials. The downside of dependency is...

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Wars Rarely Achieve Their Initial Goals: The Curse of Second-Order Effects

Posted by on Tuesday, March 1st, 2022 in Of Two Minds

Initial victories do not guarantee the war will be won. Rather, they arouse the most dangerous enemy: the fatal hubris of over-con...

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Why So Few See the Last Chance to Exit

Posted by on Sunday, February 27th, 2022 in Of Two Minds

When the crash can no longer be denied, the drop is widely recognized as having been obvious and inevitable...The last chance to e...

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Geopolitics and Degrowth

Posted by on Friday, February 25th, 2022 in Of Two Minds

The Geopolitics of Degrowth holds that real power flows not from waste, centralization and coercion but from decentralization, re...

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Our Financial System Is Optimized for Sociopaths and Exploitation

Posted by on Wednesday, February 23rd, 2022 in Of Two Minds

Let's call this financial system what it really is: the MetaPerverse, a conjured world of self-serving cons. We live in a peculiar...

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