Discover Your Odds Of Being Replaced By A Robot

In this issue:

• Discover your odds of being replaced by a robot

• Password manager Onelogin breached by hackers

• Man convicted for “liking” Facebook comments

Discover your odds of being replaced by a robot

Via TheNextWeb reports on a website which will provide the statistical probability of your job being replaced by a robot. Aptly called WillRobotsTakeMyJob breaks down each profession by “Automation Risk Level”, Projected Growth (by 2024), Median Annual Wage and current estimate of number of people in the field. Automation risk levels vary from “Totally Safe” (Systems Analysts, Financial sales agents) to “You are doomed” (drivers, waiters, cashiers). There are some surprises, with computer programmers coming in at 48% (“Start worrying”). 


Password manager Onelogin breached by hackers

Krebs On Security broke the news this week that password manager Onelogin was breached and some customer data, including the ability to decrypt end-user passwords, was obtained. Onelogin has reportedly fixed the vulnerability and notified affected users. 


Man convicted for “liking” Facebook comments

In Switzerland a man was found guilty and fined for liking Facebook comments which were deemed inflammatory and defamatory. The case goes back to 2015, during a heated exchange among animal rights activists (what we used to call “a flame war”). Several others have already been convicted under the Swiss law for comments they had made, this man is the first to be convicted for liking the comments. Wow. 


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