My handbook on surviving deplatforming is now free

Things are moving quickly.

In the old adage “Never let a crisis go to waste”, governments everywhere are using the pandemic opportunity to:

  • Rule by decree
  • Stifle freedoms guaranteed under various rights and charters
  • Enact mandatory surveillance
  • Silence dissenting speech

All manner of initiatives we’ve been covering in AxisOfEasy since we launched it nearly 3 years ago (if you aren’t a member and don’t want the book,  join here, but if you do want the book, use this link)

After being contacted this morning on behalf people who were just deplatformed from Facebook who are trying to organize anti-lockdown protests, I’ve decided to make my latest book, Unassailable: Defend Yourself from Deplatform Attacks, Cancel-Culture and Other Online Disasters free for download, for anybody.

I bent my own rule a bit and set it up on BookFunnel, the download link can be accessed here.

As I’ve said elsewhere, and I’ll say it again here:

It doesn’t matter if you believe Coronavirus is real, fake, caused by 5G, a full moon, in a lab or raw bats, how that influences what you do in the real world has to be treated on its own terms.

But what you say online has to be sacrosanct. If you really want to protect the world from bad conspiracy theories then write a crash course in developing critical thinking skills, and give that away far and wide (similar to how I’m now giving away my crash course on how to defend your inalienable right to free speech and peaceful expression).

Just be warned that if you do that, one of the first casualties of an infectious spread of rationality may be the cornerstone of your own ideology. Maybe that’s why governments and their associated minions would rather we all just take their word for it and let them decide what is true and what is “conspiracy”.


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