Plandemic Part 1 Full Video (and why we’re posting it)

Youtube and Facebook are busily taking down the documentary Plandemic, featuring Judy Mikovits PHD, a virologist. Even Vimeo seems to have gotten into the act, removing the copy of the movie the filmakers link to from their homepage. The 25 minute video alleges numerous conflicts of interest on the part of Anthony Fauci based on Mikovits’ interactions with him over the course of her career.

The movie outlines Fauci’s improprieties in the handling of the AIDS crisis which, the movie’s words, caused millions of unnecessary HIV related deaths, before working its way up to the present crisis.

Mikovits’ is characterized by the MSM as an “anti-vaxxer”, however she states in the video:

Interviewer: Are you anti-vaccine?

Mikovits: Oh absolutely not. In fact, vaccine is immune therapy, just like Interferon Alpha is immune therapy. So I’m not anti-vaccine. My job is to develop immune therapies. That’s what vaccines are.

Mikovits claims that there is no vaccine for any RNA virus, and that trying to force one on everybody via mandatory vaccines could kill millions. She also says that COVID-19 was manipulated in a lab. That claim is also made by the Luc Montagnier, who was awarded a Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2008 for his discovery of HIV.

Why we’re posting this here

If you’ve been following #AxisOfEasy since we launched the newsletter three years ago, or how easyDNS as a company has positioned itself since the Wikileaks blockade of 2010, or read my latest book on deplatforming, you’ll understand why we feel it’s important everybody has the opportunity to peaceably distribute their own messages.

It bears repeating the key takeaways I outlined in my book in Chapter 4: Does Deplatforming Even Work?

we find that:

  • The target garners increased publicity, more brand awareness, possibly increased unit sales and more notoriety and word-of-mouth advertising
  • Polarity is exacerbated as counter-reactions intensify and siege mentality sets in
  • Unanticipated mutations unfold, new configurations emerge, and ascendant technologies are seized upon and harnessed in ways that cannot be fully grasped in the present (Bitcoin, decentralization, the Chans)
  • The Invisibles and the canceled gravitate into the Secret Society of Super Villains
  • Forbidden streams are driven underground, such as onto the dark web, where they can metastasize into truly unhinged egregores

To the above we should add “it gives conspiracy theories more ammo”.

Something I’ve never understood is when policymakers and decision makers pursue courses of action that bring results contrary to their stated aims.

Besides which, even the most outlandish “conspiracy theory” can contain something interesting that it doesn’t hurt anybody to hear or know about. For example, before watching this movie I was unaware of The BIDOL Act, a piece of US patent legislation which opened the door for private citizens, via universities, to obtain patent rights over publicly funded research. Now I’m aware of it and it that doesn’t hurt anybody.

There is no shortage of articles and commentaries attacking the video, Mikovits’ Wikipedia page is your standard-issue hit piece, this doctor’s rebuttal of the video was disappointing. I was expecting some medical or scientific based refutation of some or all of the claims made in Plandemic and got none. No medical or biological refutations or debunkings of any claim from the movie whatsoever. Instead it’s just one long ad hominem attack punctuated with other variants of  logical fallacies.

The only bright side to this hysterical overreaction of deplatforming and attack journalism during this pandemic, it’s that the corporate media and Big Tech platforms are just chiseling away at their own legitimacy as long as they push the issue. Eventually they’ve have to acknowledge that free speech and open discourse matters or completely concede legitimacy.

If the worldwide population needs a mandatory vaccine of anything, my vote would be for a dose of critical thinking skills.

Watch the video for yourself or download it here.


2 thoughts on “Plandemic Part 1 Full Video (and why we’re posting it)

  1. after spending half an hour on this peace … I’m wondering why to spend another 1-2 h on fact checking when my gut feeling tells me no within the first two minutes

  2. Thanks for making this video available. The incredible power of Big Pharma over government institutions, the deep corruption of the highest officials, and the total subversion of medical industry to serve wealthy vested interests at the expense of the public, is made plain by Dr. Mikovits’ account. IMO it’s not the full story around the Corona Chan “pandemic”, but it sheds enough light to see that something is very wrong indeed with the way that our governments and medical systems are dealing with this.

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