Youtube Threatens Massive YouTuber Louis Rossmann & It Backfires Immediately!



YouTube is trying to control and censor creators who challenge their monopoly, and creators are exploring alternative ways to monetize their content in response.


  • Louis Rossmann is being forced to take on YouTube after they removed his videos talking about his app called gray J, which allows users to subscribe to creators not platforms.
  • YouTube threatened a Youtuber for advocating for the right to repair, showing their dislike for creators who challenge their monopoly
  • The tech speak in the API client terms is essentially a way for YouTube to control how apps pull in videos from their platform and users’ devices.
  • YouTube is being stifling competition and trying to be extreme bullies for people daring to take control and subscribe to creators, not the platform
  • Louis Rossmann accuses YouTube of trying to intimidate him and his industry
  • Creators are exploring different ways to monetize their content, such as selling merchandise, using subscription services, or partnering with other companies, in order to diversify their income streams.

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