#AxisOfEasy 264: Four-Fifths Of Firms Have Been Impacted By Critical Cloud Security Incidents

September 20, 2022

Four-fifths of firms have been impacted by critical cloud security incidents
American citizens who questioned the 2020 election were spied on by Facebook
Hackers exploit vulnerabilities in airplane Wi-Fi devices to target passengers … this and more in AofE #264


#AxisOfEasy 263: Botnets In The Work From Home Era

September 13, 2022

Twitter expands its crowdsourced fact-checking program ‘Birdwatch’ ahead of US midterms,
Botnets in the Work From Home Era,
Growth investment Implemented in Hornetsecurity … this and more in AofE #263


#AxisOfEasy 262: Safety Alert For Thousands Of Tourist Planes As Flying Technology Could Be Hacked

September 7, 2022

Safety Alert for Thousands of Tourist Planes as Flying Technology Could be Hacked,
IRS leaks private information for 120,000 tax payers,
Xcel customers locked out of their thermostats … this and more in AofE #262


#AxisOfEasy 261: PayPal Scam Uses Invoices Sent Through Their Website

August 30, 2022

PayPal Scam Uses Invoices Sent Through Their Website,
Defense operators of the U.S. Cyber Command have returned from Croatia following an investigation of malicious cyber activity
An updated version of Escanor RAT malware is being distributed via Microsoft Office documents and PDF files … this and more in AofE #261


#AxisOfEasy 260: The Newest Anti-Tracking Tool That Checks If You’re Being Followed

August 23, 2022

The Newest Anti-Tracking Tool That Checks if You’re Being Followed,
Amazon’s Acquisition of the Roomba Is Dangerous,
Beware of fake Cloudflare protection screens Optimizing for Featured Snippets … this and more in AofE #260


#AxisOfEasy 259: Amazon Plots To Turn Surveillance Network Into Reality TV Series

August 16, 2022

Amazon plots to turn surveillance network into reality TV series
A cyberattack targeted Finland’s parliament after the US moved to admit the country to NATO
RAT malware used in Cuba ransomware attacks… this and more in AofE #259




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