#AxisOfEasy 163: Amazon’s Newest Director Is Ex-NSA And Wanted To Surveil All Data, Everywhere

September 15, 2020

easyDNS announces DKIM support on all easyMail accounts
DHS proposes expansion of biometric data for immigrants
AI pretends to confess “I will not be able to avoid destroying mankind” and more in AofE #163


#AxisOfEasy 162: WordPress 0-Day Exposes Millions Of Sites To Compromise

September 8, 2020

WordPress File Manager plugin bug exposes millions of sites to compromise
Aussie cops arrest and cuff pregnant woman in her home for Facebook post
Amazon spikes job posting for union-busting intel analysts …plus more in AofE #162


#AxisOfEasy 161: Blame Canada: CenturyLink Outage Cascades Across Major Internet Providers

September 1, 2020

Sendgrid account hack leads to spike in spam levels, Police increasingly want access to smart speaker recordings,
Blame Canada: Centurylink outage cascades across major internet providers and more in #161


#AxisOfEasy 160: Can You Tell If This Issue Was Written By An Algorithm?

August 25, 2020

World grinds to a halt as Zoom crashes globally, Facebook testing “virality” circuit breaker, Copywriters brace for “GPT-3 shock” as Microsoft replaces journalists with AI plus more.


#AxisOfEasy 159: Microsoft Waited Two Years To Fix 0-Day It Knew Was Being Actively Exploited

August 18, 2020

Microsoft waited two years to fix 0-day it knew was being actively exploited, Canada’s COVID-19 contact tracing app now available, and why I installed it, Canada Revenue Agency shuts down online services after cyber attack..and more!


Youtube deplatforms ShadowGate documentary as “Hate Speech”, director arrested on release date

August 17, 2020

On Friday, August 14th, Infowars reporter Millie Weaver released a documentary called ShadowGate, which alleges that a private contractor complex within the USA accessed and manipulated data, promulgated false narratives and waged psychological operations against individuals and groups both within the US and worldwide.

That same day she was also arrested…




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