A Day of Mourning

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Dealing with deep trauma

This isn’t a newsletter issue but more of an acknowledgement. In the form of a day of mourning.

An acknowledgement of a deep trauma, and horrific crimes, carried out by the Canadian state and the Catholic Church.

This isn’t an isolated event, but part of a larger and systemic narrative. One that as a society we’re coming to terms with, but also arguably only just beginning.

While I have my own reasons to be overly emotional at the moment, I can’t think about this without crying. There is a deep grief, and an open wound here that cannot just be processed along with other news stories.

There is something to be said about the value of collective mourning and shared grief. Of feeling the pain and loss together so that we learn from those emotions, and they bring us closer.

Without that we’re left to reflect on our own, and in our own communities.

As Canadians we have an opportunity and an obligation to learn more about our society and how it came to be. Especially the history of residential schools.

As North Americans we have an opportunity and obligation to learn the history of civilizations that predate European colonialization.

In particular cultures and politics that still exist, and have much to offer our future.

It is a mistake to believe that indigenous culture and society is in the past, when in spite of attempted genocide, in spite of the horror that was the residential schools, indigenous peoples and cultures continue.

This is a good moment to listen to their stories, appreciate their pain, and share in their grief.

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