TikTok: Stoking the flames of fandom and fame

August 4, 2020

In an attention economy, fame is simultaneously the currency and the destination.
Similarly in a neo-feudal society where celebrity is the aristocracy, fame becomes the only means by which someone can seek upward mobility.


The rise of the Hustle Economy

July 31, 2020

Nuance is arguably lost amidst the madness induced by the pandemic and the political economic crisis that has followed. As a society we continue to be distracted by sensational narratives and irrational concerns, while at the same time, the increasing complexity of our society makes it hard for us to understand what is happening around us.


Can we defund social media to counter toxic culture?

July 29, 2020

The toxicity of social media is certainly not new. Media in general tends to cultivate an ongoing lament that our culture and hence civilization is in decline, and that the proof and cause exist within some maligned and misunderstood newcomer.


The National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence

July 27, 2020

While this pandemic has disrupted the otherwise unstoppable rise of automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and the culture of data driven decision making, efforts to normalize and gloss over the governance issues of this technology has continued unabated.


Future Fibre: Ammon Idaho’s open fibre utility

July 23, 2020

As our Future Fibre series has progressed, so to has our understanding of what is possible and what ought to be. It’s not that the grass is greener elsewhere, but when you learn of the cheap, fast, and reliable Internet that other communities posses, envy is a reasonable response.


When your boss is an algorithm

July 22, 2020

We live in a black box society where many of the decisions made about us are done by algorithms and machine learning models that are opaque, indecipherable, and unaccountable. This poses an existential threat to democracy, fairness, and arguably our ability to make a decent living.




Mark E. Jeftovic

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