I’m Looking for Ten Readers Willing to Pony Up $1 for the Crazy-Valuable Content Here

by on November 20, 2021

I only rattle the begging bowl once a calendar year, and this is it.

Beneath the Photoshopped complacency, the level of uncertainty about the future is pegged to 11 (recall that 10 is the conventional max on the guitar amp volume knob).

It’s times like this when the crazy-valuable content on Of Two Minds becomes even more crazy-valuable. Yes, many people reckon it’s simply crazy, but look how many times what was dismissed as crazy by the mainstream turns out to be right.

For example, What If All the Cheap Stuff Goes Away? (March 30, 2018).

I try to turn a pragmatic, independent eye on the world, avoiding conventional or ideological pathways, for example, Virus Z: A Thought Experiment (July 1, 2021).

I can’t help being frugal (see photos below) in both the tangible world and the world of ideas, where I try to identify the core systems dynamics in play, for example, The Fed’s Moral Hazard Monster Is About to Lay Waste to “Wealth”(November 19, 2021).

I tend to focus on what one reader described in this way: “money richness and wealth are vastly different animals.”

Let’s not overlook the entertainment/amusement value of crazy. Crazy has its own unique value, and if there’s one thing that everyone can agree on, it’s that Of Two Minds is unique (ahem, in a good way).

I tend to keep expectations low, as that fits my experience, which tracks Churchill’s definition of success: going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.

So in the spirit of maintaining low expectations, I’m looking for ten of you tens of thousands of readers who reckon the crazy-valuable (or just plain crazy) content here is worth a dollar.Heck, let’s call it a dollar a month, or 12 Washingtons a year.

Those ponying up a Lincoln ($5) every month get the weekly Musings Reports, an incredible bargain given what you get. I’ve spent the past year writing a book that lays out big-picture solutions to our nation’s fundamental challenges, and subscribers / patrons will not only get discounts should they wish to buy the book, they’ll receive what I consider the keys to managing crises in both large-scale systems and in our own lives, with the goal being to not just scrape through crises but emerge with greater skills, adaptability and real wealth–the kind that can’t be taxed, stolen or expropriated because it’s social and experiential capital.

Alas, I’m never going to mint a million on TikTok or YouTube. I confess this is a pure-writing site. Yes, I understand the value of video and podcasts, but this site is focused on readin, writin’ and ‘rithmetic, as in data-driven analysis and plenty of marked-up Federal Reserve charts. (I fear my photos of garden veggies are not going to mint me a million on OnlyFans, either.)

I only rattle the begging bowl once a calendar year, and I set aside doing so until now due to my obsessive year-long focus on my new book. So here’s my question to you: are you one of the few, the daring, the foolhardy, the insanely generous readers willing to pony up a dollar a month to extend life-sustaining encouragement to the one-person content factory here at Of Two Minds?

If you are one of those rare and precious souls, please accept my sincere gratitude:

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Thank you, Tobias O. ($60), for your superlatively generous contribution to this site — I am greatly honored by your support and readership. Thank you, Rick S. ($50), for your magnificently generous contribution to this site — I am greatly honored by your support and readership.

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