Of Two Minds


The Sinking Titanic’s Great Pumps Finally Fail

July 11, 2020

The greater fools still partying in the first-class lounge are in denial that even the greatest, most technologically advanced ship can sink.On April 14, 1912, the liner Titanic, considered unsinkable due to its watertight compartments a…


You Are Now Leaving FantasyLand: The Losses Will Be Taken By Somebody

July 9, 2020

As the inverted pyramid collapses, the effects will be non-linear.Round about late March, we entered a Financial FantasyLand in which all the sins and excesses of rampant financialization were going to be painlessly washed away. Mever mind the ent…


The American Economy in Four Words: Neofeudal Extortion, Decline, Collapse

July 8, 2020

Our society has a legal structure of self-rule and ownership of capital, but in reality it is a Neofeudal Oligarchy.Now that the pandemic is over and the economy is roaring again–so the stock market says–we’re heading straight back up into the good o…


What Will Be the Most Desirable Status Symbols in the Greater Depression?

July 7, 2020

Virtue-signaling texts from your $100 million yacht no longer impress, they enrage.For the past five decades, celebrities and other wealthy folks have sought conventional status signifiers / symbols: a couple hundred thousand acres of ranchland, a…


What Makes You Think the Stock Market Will Even Exist in 2024?

July 5, 2020

Given the extremes of the stock market’s frauds and even greater extremes of wealth/income inequality it has created, tell me again why the stock market will still exist in 2024?When I read a financial pundit predicting a bull market in stocks through …


How We Got Here: the Global Economy’s 75-Year Stumble to the Precipice

July 3, 2020

Not only will there not be a recovery, but there can’t be a recovery, as those brittle extremes have been lost for good.How did the global economy end up teetering on a precarious financial precipice? To formulate a cogent answer, let’s take a whi…




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