AoE Salon #44: We say “Satyagraha”, they say “sedition” with Max Borders

We’re back after a pause precipitated by various conflicting projects and commitments. This week Mark and Charles had the honour to welcome to the show the author, futurist and social commentator Max Borders.

Max is the author of The Social Singularity: How decentralization will allow us to transcend politics, create global prosperity, and avoid the robot apocalypse, and After Collapse: The End of America and the Rebirth of Her Ideals.

Borders’ work around the idea of a coming “social singularity” has a lot of overlap with oft explored ideas here on the Axis: decentralization, networks and tectonic shifts occurring in the world today.

We explored the concept of “Satyapgraha” or “Truthforce” and the ideals expressed in freedom movements throughout history.


Notes and References

Max Borders’ Resources

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AoE Salon #44: We say “Satyagraha”, they say “sedition” with Max Borders

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