AxisOfEasy Salon #1: Hypernormalisation, Legitimacy and Simulacrum

Our first ever AxisOfEasy Salon wherein Charles, Jesse and Mark hop on a video chat (or audio) and discuss the undercurrents and tectonic shifts occurring against the backdrop of today’s coronavirus pandemic.

You tube video here:


#AxisOfEasy Weekly Tech Digest
#AxisOfEasy Weekly Tech Digest
AxisOfEasy Salon #1: Hypernormalisation, Legitimacy and Simulacrum

One thought on “AxisOfEasy Salon #1: Hypernormalisation, Legitimacy and Simulacrum

  1. Arbitrariness, abuse of power, and mission creep plague our system of law making. I believe in self-limiting rules. So here is a suggestion for a constitutional rule about rule-making:

    Every rule/stroke law must have attached to it the aim of the law (for example to maintain the distance between strangers during the Covid-19 crisis – which criterion itself needs to have a justification). The law may not be used for any other purpose (mission creep). In any given circumstance, the law may not be applied if doing so does not further the aim (for example, a single person entering a narrow aisle in a store does not mar the distancing aim, therefore an area rule does not apply). If the law is subsequently shown not to further the aim (or even be counterproductive) , the law is automatically void. Any officer who attempts to enforce a rule when doing so would not further the stated aim. should be subject to punishment for treason.

    I have many ideas to debug our system given the experience of what has gone wrong over the last 160 years since classical liberalism started to decline classical. It is my “constitution project”.

    P.S. I am a physicist who also has systems programming experience.

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