AxisOfEasy Salon #28: Today’s show is brought to you by the letter K(leptrocracy)

You know how when you think it’s a costume party and you show up in a toga and everybody else is in business casual? I thought we were all supposed to do today’s show from our respective private jets and then I’m the only one who showed up in one.

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#AxisOfEasy Weekly Tech Digest
#AxisOfEasy Weekly Tech Digest
AxisOfEasy Salon #28: Today's show is brought to you by the letter K(leptrocracy)

3 thoughts on “AxisOfEasy Salon #28: Today’s show is brought to you by the letter K(leptrocracy)

  1. I enjoyed the discussion on Kleptopia or Keleptrocacy in general. The elite’s abilities to steal aka (minimize losses) takes place in local communities as much as the higher levels of government. By baiting those who have less by the false promise of the possibility to benefit from wealth of the elite, they get any benefit of success and pass the losses to those who don’t have the means. An example of this is when a elite threatens a poor person with lawsuits. The act of defense will sink the person so why fight, it’s less costly to just absorb the loss. Whatever capital the person has is forfeited to the elite to make them whole even though the elite would have gained the most in the long run if the venture would have been successful. Elites have no real risk.

    Great podcast.

  2. Social cohesion has broken down and evaporated in Illinois for certain. The like minded groups no longer mingle or build community consensus to fortify faith in an agreed directional path of common good for all. It’s now survival of the fittest with the weak being trampled and taken advantage of by both big business and government in every accelerating way imaginable.

  3. Thanks so much for the very enjoyable, respectful, humorous and educational conversation! First podcast listen.. I am now subscribed!

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