AxisOfEasy Salon #31: The Covid Episode

This week we felt like it was no longer possible to tip-toe around the elephant in the room. We had to talk about COVID-19, the pandemic, Coronavirus and how, as Charles put it “That system we thought was solid is about to go non-linear”. Pardon the longer than usual pre-roll but I felt the conversation in it was germane to the rest of the show….

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AxisOfEasy Salon #31: The Covid Episode

4 thoughts on “AxisOfEasy Salon #31: The Covid Episode

  1. I am surprised that there was no mention in the Salon of the Great Barrington Declaration and the attempted suppression thereof.

    The insane self-inflicted injury of the lockdown policy, together with the money-printing mitigation measures, is producing a Cantillon effect expropriation and wealth concentration which dwarfs anything produced by the 2008 exercise.

  2. Id like to re-emphasize Dr. Barnett’s comments above, re: the Great Barrington Declaration. As much previous respect as I have for all three of your minds and ability to communicate, I think Charles has completely missed the mark with Covid, particularly in relations to the millions worldwide who have and will die because of these draconian “lockdowns”. Shame on you, Charles. You’ve fucking completely lost the plot with your +65-year-old, Boomer pandering. (And this is from an almost “boomer”.)

    Simply for repetitions’ sake, let me say it again: bloody, fucking shame on you, Charles, for pandering to these Nazi lockdowns of healthy people where the poorest are left destitute, diseased (from every other KNOWN malady) and dead. Fuck you and your stupid writings about the 1% owning 80% fucking percent of the world’s resources. They’re about to own 99% of it after locking down the most destitute and their children.

    You selfish prick.

  3. I’d like to re-emphasize what Dr. Barnett said above about the Great Barrington Declaration. Have any of you read it?

    Shame on you, Charles, for perpetuating this fear porn. I’ve seen both of my sons’ budding careers in medicine destroyed by this overreaction. I worked my ass off for 12 years for them to leave university with MD degrees, without debt, and start their residencies. Now only to enter a profession of medical tyranny.

    No other medical outbreak of any kind has been used to destroy the middle and lower classes in the history of mankind. Period. Yet, nary a mention.

    Charles doesn’t mention the H2N2 outbreak in ’57/’58, nor its antigenic re-emergence in ’69/’70 which killed as many people worldwide. Arguably more. It never made the top of the NYT fold. Look it up for yourself.

    He’s simply glomming on to the fear porn which, invariably leads to “lockdowns” by statist tyrants and has and will destroy millions of small people and entrepreneurs worldwide. The very ones he claims to represent on his blog.

    Perhaps this is too forward, but Jesse and Mark should have checked him up on this blithering nonsense. Even Jesse, with all of his collectivist leanings, seems to sense this overreaction.

    My sons’ futures have been destroyed by this insanity, and the rest of us will be licking Klaus Swab’s boot for the foreseeable future.

    Words cannot describe the seething anger of the ‘little people’ out here. Charles, on the other hand, seems completely oblivious.

  4. Wonder conversation and a joy to listen too. Normally Mr. Smith keeps to himself while the other men talk but I really appreciated him directing the conversation and expressing his views. Wes Baker is obviously in an alternate reality and his name calling/disrespect to Mr. Smith shows Wes as an immature petulant child. Wes doesn’t have to agree with everything said (and is a slow adapter) but my God to say those ridiculous things is absurd and unfounded. Dr. Martenson has made it clear that people like Wes are emotional and emotionally invested in a narrative that does not match reality. I wanted to write in support of all three men here and especially Mr. Smith because he has been a wonderful guide helping myself and others navigate such odd times. Keep up the amazing work and ignore internet trolls 🙂

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