AxisOfEasy Salon #34: Reclaiming Capital and Agency

Fortunately, no portion of the show today violated any standing gag orders or contravened the Official Secrets Act, although we did briefly lose Jesse at a couple of points.

References and show notes

#AxisOfEasy Weekly Tech Digest
#AxisOfEasy Weekly Tech Digest
AxisOfEasy Salon #34: Reclaiming Capital and Agency

5 thoughts on “AxisOfEasy Salon #34: Reclaiming Capital and Agency

  1. Thomas Sowell, is very articulate. And France has always, throughout all time, been the nexus of agriculture. They were the first ones to develop our modern food, today. They designed seed culling, and hybridization. Best episode. Thanks

  2. Marc,
    Have you guys thought about putting your vids up on alt sites like bitchute as well as “you tub of crap” that censors as it pleases? Just to ensure you don’t get cancelled and to start the population being aware of different platforms to the majors.
    cheers Niko

  3. Jesse Hirsh’s mic/connectivity issues made this week’s Salon much more enjoyable. It was a welcome change that we got to hear more from Mark and Charles with fewer pedantic, condescending, and sophmorically-tangential “big-think” interjections from Jesse–his typical diatribes being somewhat mitigated by technical difficulties. Hell yeah. Thank you guys for all that you do.

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