Salon #35: The problem is that nobody knows what “Kuleana” means

We’re back from a somewhat extended Christmas break, and we had to improvise with a new recording setup after encountering some technical issues, but we got it done and we’re happy to back with the first edition of the AxisOfEasy salon of 2021.

Owing to various commitments we’re dialling back to every other week for the trio, and will add interviews and special sessions on an ad hoc basis.

#AxisOfEasy Weekly Tech Digest
#AxisOfEasy Weekly Tech Digest
Salon #35: The problem is that nobody knows what “Kuleana" means

4 thoughts on “Salon #35: The problem is that nobody knows what “Kuleana” means

  1. Liked Mark’s observation that the MSM’s total loss of credibility has become an epistemological trap of sorts in that even when the MSM is mostly right about something lack of trust in it causes one to doubt the veracity of everything it reports across the board. (Hope I haven’t misrepresented his point.)

    It is a pretty pickle we are in.

    Excellent podcast, BTW. One of the best around so thank you all three of you!

  2. Context is everything.

    In the caee of Covid-19, the morbidity profile points to a focussed approach as recommended in the Great Barrington Declaration. In fact, the more infectious the variant, the more pointless (and even counterproductive) the blanket lockdown strategy. At “best” it slows the approach to endemic equilibrium. I put “best” in quotes, because that delay extends the period of maximum danger to the vulnerable of accidental infection. In other words, a lockdown strategy can actually cost lives to Covid-19.

    Ivor Cummins’ podcasts on this subject are an excellent example of intelligent curation which respects the user’s attention.

  3. Unrelated to the salon, Jeff have you lost your mind? What’s with the rebranding of Out of the Cave? In today’s climate you have to blend in for your voice to be heard by those who should be listening. The thrower marginalizes you. Probably has something to do with the snowflakes/progressives/wokies flagging your article on HN.

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