AxisOfEasy Salon 41: Can’t get you out of my head

We’re back on April Fool’s headed into the Easter Weekend:

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#AxisOfEasy Weekly Tech Digest
#AxisOfEasy Weekly Tech Digest
AxisOfEasy Salon 41: Can't get you out of my head

2 thoughts on “AxisOfEasy Salon 41: Can’t get you out of my head

  1. Sometimes when ppl talk about ML going to provide x,y and z, I really doubt they spent any time writing the software behind any of the models or interacting with them… only good as the inputs… only good as its approximation to reality…

    People would be lucky to get automated animal farm… lol

    And pretending like everyone in the world is just gonna accept ones norms of living out in the middle of nowhere circle jerking about how awesome you have it now cause of covid policies in ones crappy local jurisdiction… lol Maybe that will be ok for the ppl who arent working on the ML models 😛

    There’s also a huge spectrum between packing enough PE in drones and taking servers/routers/switches offline and being able to persistently compromise big corp infrastructure for ones own goals and never reporting 0days…

  2. I enjoy your musings (and “amusings”!) and have been intrigued with CLIME ever since reading about it in Money & Work Unchained. I once again ask if you might consider discussing Hedera Hashgraph first as an answer to CLIME administration. Also, I think Hedera’s structure may address the concerns you voiced about governance in Episode #40. Furthermore, because it is a DLT which doesn’t require the same process to reach consensus as Bitcoin does, nor require energy-intensive mining operations, and is fork-free it seems a distinct improvement over the blockchain. If I misunderstand all of this, PLEASE disabuse me as I am jumping out of my skin believing this is an answer to many of the problems expressed on Axis of Easy. I apologize for re-posting this but by the time I put it up, Episode #41 had just arrived so I thought it might get overlooked.

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