AxisOfEasy Salon #7: Nevermind the influencers, here come the revolts.

What a difference a week makes. Last Thursday we were shouting at clouds about the loss of  institutional legitimacy. Today we find ourselves in the midst of what looks like the early innings of a revolt. As the coronavirus was the catalyst and not the cause of the current economic crisis, the #GeorgeFloyd killing was not the cause but the catalyst of  widespread unrest amongst the populace. As Jesse quipped at the beginning of last week’s episode, “people are pissed”. Yes indeed.

The crew looks at the parallels between the French Revolution and its outcomes and the narrative backdrop leading into 2020, and we pick on a couple of special case social media influencers who may very well have blown a lucrative racket for the entire industry.

The blinders are off, we find ourselves in a vacuum for meaning and everybody feels untethered and adrift.

Episode Transcript: AxisofEasy7_transcript

#AxisOfEasy Weekly Tech Digest
AxisOfEasy Salon #7: Nevermind the influencers, here come the revolts.

3 thoughts on “AxisOfEasy Salon #7: Nevermind the influencers, here come the revolts.

  1. Hello fine smart folks. I have been listening to you guys talk and I agree with most of what is discussed.

    Just to clarify, once I saw the beginning of the movement I started doing my research regarding Antifa. It leads me to some very deep corners of the internet.

    1) What is the Antifa philosophy:
    When hearing Trump saying some flyers where distributed promoting riots I googled and fell on this Anarchist website.
    This is where things start to get ugly.
    4) What is may day:
    5) What is MayDay:
    Remeber we have been sold we are at War, we will win this war.
    6) May Day the movie
    7) Keep-Your rent the movie:
    9) Video Game: Tonight We Riot was launched on May 5th.
    A video game that promotes violence and crime. Look at all the activity on their twitter feed. Look at everything they retweet. It’s the far left rising strong!

    This will create an extreme right uprising. What is next, the rise of a dictator, then war.

    Now check this news out:
    – The movie:×0

    They knew exactly what they where doing. The followed the riots.×0?t=4544
    When I saw the movie, this is where I knew riots where coming.

    We have been here before. History just repeats itself with small changes.

    Also, listen to this, Austrian vs Keynesian economics. The same goes for the management of this crisis.

    4) (Not May Day is a so

  2. Mmm. You have started to lose me when you went into this “conspiracy theory” discussion. Soros organizations DID distribute flyers to migrants to update them about the best way into Europe. Gates DOES strongly contribute to WHO and never acted as a philanthropist when he was at Microsoft. Nobody has asked these two gentlemen anything. They are acting on their own. What is their objectives ? It does not smell good. And I have read pizzagate messages. They DO look very strange. Simply dismissing all that as “conspiracy theory” does not click. To maintain credibility, people like you trying to generate a narrative MUST have a reasonable frame which does not simply dismiss news which are not mainstream. Not simply wait for Assange or Snowden to disclose facts. Smoke is enough to suspect fire even if the house is not yet burnt down.

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