What’s Taboo? Everything Except Greed

April 15, 2021

OK, now I get it. Take a couple tabs of Euphorestra and Hopium, and stick to talking about making money in the market. Greed won’t offend anyone. So I started to tell my buddy about my new screenplay idea: “There’s a global pandemic, and when they rush a bunch of vaccines to market, then….”


The Middle Class Has Finally Been Suckered into the Casino

April 14, 2021

The Fed’s casino isn’t just rigged; it’s criminally unstable. The decay of America’s middle class has been well documented and many commentators have explored the causal factors. The bottom line is that this decay isn’t random; the income of the middle class isn’t going to suddenly increase at 15 times the growth rate of the income of the top 0.1%. (see chart below)


When AI is just a puppet

April 14, 2021

The mythology of technology is powerful, but also kind of superficial. It usually doesn’t take much to move past the marketing and vapour ware to understand whether a tool is useful or not. With AI this has been a bit more challenging, as the opaqueness of the tech often makes it difficult for us to scrutinize or understand what is taking place behind the scenes. Similarly the language and hype around AI deliberately hides or downplays the role of humans in making these automated systems work.


#AxisOfEasy 191: Canada Wants To Censor Insults Against Politicians, Implement Internet Killswitch

April 13, 2021

New easyDNS Network Status Page is now live,
Amazon warehouse workers vote against union (suspect much can prove nothing),
New attack can lock you out of WhatsApp and more in this week’s Axis of Easy # 191


Buy the tech you need now if you can

April 13, 2021

Ever since the pandemic hit early last year, supply chains have been stressed, and consumer demand has exhibited herd characteristics. In response to the crisis, and perhaps as a result of our increased time at home and on social media, demand is often exceeding supply when it comes to items that a lot of people all of a sudden really need.


The "Helicopter Parent" Fed and the Fatal Crash of Risk

April 12, 2021

All the risks generated by gambling with trillions of borrowed and leveraged dollars didn’t actually vanish; they were transferred by the Fed to the entire system. The Federal Reserve is the nation’s Helicopter Parent, saving everyone from the consequences of their actions.




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