Insights into Risk: Taleb and Tyson

May 2, 2021

Events that devastate the majority financially greatly enrich the few who bet on non-linear dynamics. I see the same question in forums, threads, articles and emails: what can I do to protect myself and my family from whatever lies ahead?


Which Lifeboat Will You Choose?

April 30, 2021

I’m sure it’s no surprise that the next five years will be risky and challenging; to the degree that we will be reliant on those closest to us, we are sharing a virtual lifeboat. Consider a scenario in which we’re on a ship that’s sinking, and the lifeboats have been launched. Being some of the last still on board the doomed vessel, we can scan who’s in each lifeboat and choose which one we’ll clamber into.


America Is Exceptionally…Kleptocratic: Wealth/Power Inequality and the Slide Into Disorder

April 29, 2021

The sheer weight of this outlandish asymmetry of wealth and power is pulling the nation into disorder. The U.S. Constitution doesn’t address a small elite owning most of the nation’s private wealth and using a sliver of that wealth to influence the federal government so their wealth and political power increase in a self-reinforcing feedback: as a result of their campaign contributions and lobbying, the elites’ wealth continues expanding, enhancing their political power to further expand their wealth, and so on.


Automated Entrepreneurship

April 28, 2021

As part of our ongoing work building the Automated Media Network, we’ve been researching GPT-3 based applications and services. In so doing, it has been an interesting exercise both in the biases embedded into GPT-3, as well as the biases reflected in how the companies are choosing to use this technology.


Warning Light Flashing Red

April 27, 2021

When the warning light is flashing red, it’s prudent to have a capital preservation strategy in place. Not everyone has an IRA or 401K invested in the stock market, for those who do, the red warning light is flashing red:markets have reached historic extremes on numerous fronts.


#AxisOfEasy 193: Gigantic Mystery Block Of Military IP Addresses Became Active On Inauguration Day

April 27, 2021

Another Yet Another Chrome Zero-Day,
Bad auditing software sent UK postal workers to prison,
USPO running cyber-surveillance operation on social media posts and more in this week’s Axis of Easy # 193




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