#AxisOfEasy 283: GoTo’s Data Breach Is Even Worse Than Previously Thought

January 31, 2023

GoTo’s data breach is even worse than previously thought
Social Networking Giant Meta Sues Surveillance Firm Voyager Labs for Unlawful Data Scraping
North Korean Cyber Criminal Group Diversifies Tactics in Illicit Revenue Generation…. this and more in AofE #283


What Goes Up Also Comes Down: The Heavy Hand of Bubble Symmetry

January 31, 2023

Should bubble symmetry play out in the S&P 500, we can anticipate a steep 45% drop to pre-bubble levels, followed by another leg down as the speculative frenzy is slowly extinguished.


Here’s How "Prosperity" Ends: Global Bubbles Are Popping

January 29, 2023

So here we are: the global credit-asset bubbles are popping, and the illusory “prosperity” generated by the bubbles is about to tumble off a cliff. There are two kinds of prosperity, one fake, one real.


Heretical Thoughts on Orthodoxies

January 27, 2023

Heresy evolves, orthodoxy cannot. Plan accordingly. Orthodoxies offer the comforting illusion of solidarity. But in what lies ahead, we’re on our own. In today’s world, the key orthodoxies are secular rather than religious: they are economic, ideological, political. Religious orthodoxy is in the spiritual realm.


The Race to the Bottom Accelerates

January 26, 2023

When competence, transparency and accountability are all punished, the Race to the Bottom accelerates. Race to the Bottom describes the process of competitive devaluation, where value is gutted to remain competitive with those who are grabbing market share by stripping out quality, value, durability, transparency, accountability and competence.


#AxisOfEasy 282: California’s Unprecedented Data Breach Highlights Need For Privacy In Public Safety

January 24, 2023

California’s unprecedented data breach highlights need for privacy In public safety,
Apple’s scanning: Consent from current & future iPhone owners required by law,
New BackdoorDiplomacy attacks on Iranian government entities…. this and more in AofE #282




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