The Moment Wall Street Has Been Waiting For: Retail Is All In

July 28, 2021

The ideal bagholder is one who adds more on every downturn (buy the dip) and who refuses to sell (diamond hands), holding on for the inevitable Fed-fueled rally to new highs. Old hands on Wall Street have been wary of being bearish for one reason, and no, it’s not the Federal Reserve: the old hands have been waiting for retail–the individual investor– to go all-in stocks.


Taking power back from the algorithm

July 28, 2021

I was driving home from an errand run early this (Monday) morning when I saw two of my goats in the middle of the side road near our house. We had lent our two male goats to a neighbour, as we didn’t want them knocking up our young female goats (as yet). This neighbour had underestimated both the goats ability to escape containment, as well as their desire to reproduce.


#AxisOfEasy 206: Stop What You’re Doing: Apple iOS Edition

July 27, 2021

Stop What You’re Doing: Apple iOS Edition,
Akamai DNS outage craters huge chunk of internet,
Researchers inject malware into artificial neurons … this and more in our weekly Axis of Easy #206


WTF is the Metaverse?!

July 26, 2021

It may no longer be a cliché to argue that we live in different realities that themselves appear to be diverging. The obvious example being the expanding gap between those of us who have taken the science behind this pandemic seriously, and those who have indulged and succumbed to conspiracy.


America Is a Moral Cesspool, and Student Loans Prove It

July 25, 2021

If America somehow managed to educate millions of college students without burdening them with $2 trillion in debt in 1993, why is it now “impossible” to do so, even as America’s wealth and gross national product (GDP) have both rocketed higher over the past 27 years?


Tether being a fraud teaches us more about fiat than it does about cryptos

July 24, 2021

Tether tells us more about the flaws inherent in fiat currencies than it does about cryptos. Tether could be viewed as a microcosmic example of the USD being played out in fast-forward.




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