#AxisOfEasy 335: 26 Billion Records Combined In ‘Mother Of All Breaches’ Data Leak

Weekly Axis Of Easy #335

Last Week’s Quotes were:“A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian. And you devalue the citizenship of every Canadian in this place and in this country when you break down and make it conditional for anyone,” was by Justin Trudeau.  Lots of correct answers, but Larry got it first!  Congrats Larry.

This Week’s Quote: “By and large, language is a tool for concealing the truth.”  By ???

THE RULES:  No searching up the answer, must be posted at the bottom of this post, in the comments section.

The Prize: First person to post the correct answer gets their next domain or hosting renewal on us.

This is your easyDNS #AxisOfEasy Briefing for the week of January 29th, 2024 our Technology Correspondent Joann L Barnes and easyCEO Mark E. Jeftovic send out a short briefing on the state of the ‘net and how it affects your business, security and privacy.

To Listen/watch this podcast edition with commentary and insight  from Joey Tweets, and Len the Legend click here.

In this issue:

  • 26 Billion Records Combined in ‘Mother of All Breaches’ Data Leak
  • NSA Admits Buying American Citizens’ Internet Data Without Warrants
  • The Cobblers Children (almost) Had No Shoes! DMARC Enforcement Went Live This Week
  • Privacy-Oriented Nitter Project Shuts Down Following Changes to Guest Accounts
  • Google still tracks you in incognito mode (as per latest wording update)
  • Florida Man Key Suspect in Oktapus, Scattered Spider Hacker Groups

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2 thoughts on “#AxisOfEasy 335: 26 Billion Records Combined In ‘Mother Of All Breaches’ Data Leak

  1. Some of the Cobblers Children’s Children still barefoot

    I’ve had a tagging rule in my email client to flag SPF issues found in the message source(X-Spam-Status codes) for a couple of years, so I was surprised at the claim of not having SPF in place. It looks like you have had it for at least some of your infrastructure for a while. You had me checking the relevant parts of a sampling of emails from you.
    A) mail from your systems to EasyMail mailboxes, does go through your spam checker. Good
    B) X-Spam-Status: having a test for SPF_PASS since about 2016 is Good
    C) Received-SPF: showing details is a much newer thing, 2022ish., A good thing

    Running that tag flagging on my entire mailbox, I only see one instance of a fail, and that was a subdomain/host I hadn’t seen mail from before, nor see anything about it now. Relates to one of your migrations, so may well have been a host name that doesn’t exist anymore. Classic simple Unix/linux mail command does send from user@hostFQD much to my own frustration.
    Clearly some of the cobbler’s grandchildren got shoes before the children.

    Historic DMARC isn’t something we can readily see, but we can look up now.

    Some, but not all of your subdomains do have SPF records (for years) but not a DMARC

    ** Time to check them all! **

    I thought it was Mark Twain with that quote.

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