Youtube deplatforms ShadowGate documentary as “Hate Speech”, director arrested on release date

On Friday, August 14th, former Infowars reporter Millie Weaver, who now operates as “Millenial Millie” released a documentary called ShadowGate, which alleges that a private contractor complex within the USA accessed and manipulated data, promulgated false narratives and waged psychological operations against individuals and groups both within the US and worldwide.

That same day she was also arrested on “multiple felony charges including robbery and obstructing justice” and was held without bail over the weekend pending a bail review hearing schedule for today.

The Shadowgate movie relates the tale of two whistleblowers who had knowledge of a web spun across myriad private corporations with names  like Dynology, Global Strategies Group, The Analysis Corporation, and even Canada’s CGI, Inc. that copied data from within the US intelligence apparatus and used it to manipulate people and information using a network called “ShadowNet”.

For some reason, Big Tech has seemingly decided to massively Streisand-Effect this video: Facebook took it down, Twitter’s algo’s prevent links to it from being tweeted, and YouTube removed it as “Hate Speech” while I was in the middle of watching it. (To be clear, I started watching it, left to walk the dog, came back, hit reload, and there it was….gone: )

When I see something designated as “hate speech”, I expect to see skinheads and swastikas. Instead I got depositions and patent filings. The seemingly coordinated actions by these platforms guarantee that this video will go even more viral and be viewed by even more people.

What I find interesting, and why I think this video has defendable content is because it revealed the existence of private contractors and networks and relationships of which I was previously unaware. In that respect I find that part of it useful, while the lines of connection drawn from the directors’ narrative (Seth Rich, Russiagate, Building 7), well, you can either take them or leave them.

That’s called critical thinking folks, and if you let others decide for you, then you don’t get the opportunity to do that.

Of course, times being what they are, the video is now hosted far and wide, the version below is hosted via the archive….

Watch it for yourself, do your own research, and feel free to post your findings to debunk or verify the video claims in the comments section below. It would be quite useful if we made such a reader driven deep dive on any of the deplatformed vids we cover here. Please keep any findings confined to the specific content and claims made in these videos, not about who made them or what kind of people they are accused of being.

14 thoughts on “Youtube deplatforms ShadowGate documentary as “Hate Speech”, director arrested on release date

  1. I’ll start. I cannot find the Clearforce patent displayed at 01:19:40 in the USPTO database.

    Nothing under applicant: ClearForce

    Nothing under that patent application number (15/248,372)

    Nothing under title search for “Employees” and “Risk” that matches the one from the screengrab near the end of the video.

    Nothing when searching for “Jim” and “Jones” under Inventor

  2. I just tried going to the website and it didn’t render.

    Doing a ping gives no response.

    Did DNS providers yank the resolutation of her site to silence her?

    1. Looks more like a SERVFAIL

      % host
      Host not found: 2(SERVFAIL)

      Check back into it a little later.

      1. It was working day before yesterday.

        There now is no DNS name resolution if you put in your browser,
        or ping at the command window.

        I went to an Internet security site that has cached DNS A records and found that it use to resolve to the IP address

        Puting that in my browser brings up an admin page saying the site no longer exists.
        It appears her site has been disappeared AND someone scrubbed the name server cache (aren’t those caches good for a week or more?)

        And her?
        Has she been NDAA-ed never to be seen again?

        (NDAA act —the power to indefinitely detain, torture or even execute an American citizen on U.S. soil, or anywhere in the world, without due charge or trial.)

        Ah, life in the USSA. Glad I left that friggin fascist police state years ago.

        By wait,there’s more.
        Want some creepy info that will blow your mind.
        Read on.

        Check out the article at this site concerning ID2020 biomark being using with digital money.


        Get this, the name of the enzyme that makes this work is Lucuferase
        And the patent number for this at WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization headquartered in Geneva Switzerland) the number is … WO2020060606.

        WTF? Luciferase patent #060606

        This reads like something out of the X-files.

        And speaking of X-files. Has anyone seen those later episodes where they got the Band back together after a 10 year hiatus.

        They were three contiguous episodes by the title “My Struggle”.
        The plot was eerily similiar to what was going on in the world today with the virus.

        And oh, “My Struggle” in German it translates to …… mein Kampf

        1. Luciferase is just an enzyme that is responsible for bioluminescence. The most noteworthy example is the fire fly. It was given that name back in the late 1800s. It gets used for all kinds of stuff in biology and genetics because it’s an easy marker.

  3. I was looking at the comments on Zerohedge earlier covering FB and Youtube yanking the video and noted that NOT one person noted the biggest revelation from that video.

    The NSA tap hoovering up of all Internet traffic has been Tee-ed and one branch is going off to God knows where. (whomever pays enough?)

    WTF? All internet traffic going off to unknown parties to parce.

    That’s HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And yet even has picked up on it.
    If it’s true then HEADS NEEDS TO ROLL.

    And EVERY senator on the oversight committe
    in charge of monitoring Intelligence needs to be replaced for incompetence. Same for NSA Inspector General.

    What’s going on in this world.
    Can’t anyone do any critical thinking?

  4. Aside from the numerous names of persons and organizations mentioned in the video and previously unknown to me (and which I have not seen verified), it is impossible for me to believe that Trump would not be blabbing constantly and loudly and in detail about any conspiracy against himself, especially one so “deep state” like. And it is not difficult to see which way the persons in the video lean politically. Until reliable proof becomes available, I’m buying none of its main thrust. Also, I’m surprised that what is supposedly a technology oriented email newsletter from EasyDNS contains such material. That gives me pause.

    1. A recurring theme in AxisOfEasy are the abuses of Big Tech. The content of the video is immaterial in this context. What is germane, and why we do cover these episodes, is because the chronic misuse of a dominant market position is problematic and has a chilling effect in civil discourse. In this specific case the material in question is mischaracterized it as something it clearly isn’t (“hate speech”). I have no issue with somebody putting out a video that everybody who views it deems as baseless and without merit. I have serious problems whenever somebody else takes the liberty of making that decision for everybody else.

      1. Exactly. Basically the old chestnut, “I may not agree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” Privatise speech under the control of major platforms and you privatise the right of free speech to the owners of those platforms.

        Hard to believe I’m on the side of Trump on this, come to think of it…

  5. Thanks for posting. This is not “news”. Everyone on the planet knows that corruption exists throughout every government in history. My question to Millie is “so what now?” People vote mindlessly for their party. There is no internal affairs police in charge and any politicians looking to make waves gets squelched. (read Rome wasn’t burned in a day) Yes there is corruption and nothing short of putting in place a new constitution will fix that with single term limits, an investigatory arm of the supreme court to police politicians, eliminating all paid lobbyists, a 10 year restriction of politicians from consulting or working in any industry other than what they did before getting elected, and requiring all director/cabinet level meetings to be recorded and transcribed by a neutral 3rd party and released to the public after 12 months.

    1. Chason S Hayes: What you say makes sense to me. And you know who is going to lobby against all that – the politicians themselves. That’s their livelihood, their career. After a stint in politics, do you think they really want to go back to working in the industry? Although, I heard from one ex-mayor of a large city that he gets a pension for serving just one term. Now that’s crazy! (Retired mayors of some cities do get a pension:

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