The end of algorithmic moderation or the emergence of a new automated morality?

August 23, 2021

We’ve previously and repeatedly written about how sex workers are the Internet’s equivalent of the canary in the coal mine as what happens to them will inevitably happen to us.


Taking power back from the algorithm

July 28, 2021

I was driving home from an errand run early this (Monday) morning when I saw two of my goats in the middle of the side road near our house. We had lent our two male goats to a neighbour, as we didn’t want them knocking up our young female goats (as yet). This neighbour had underestimated both the goats ability to escape containment, as well as their desire to reproduce.


WTF is the Metaverse?!

July 26, 2021

It may no longer be a cliché to argue that we live in different realities that themselves appear to be diverging. The obvious example being the expanding gap between those of us who have taken the science behind this pandemic seriously, and those who have indulged and succumbed to conspiracy.


The bot era has begun

July 22, 2021

It’s easy to recognize that automation has had a huge opportunity to advance as a result of the pandemic. However as a concept, automation is both broad and abstract. It manifests in a myriad of ways, depending upon the context and user.


The right to repair is not the ability to repair

July 8, 2021

Living out in the country, the repair ethos flourishes. I suspect it is partly a consequence of extra space. Seemingly everyone has a project vehicle or two, in addition to some broken heavy equipment, and extra machines kept on hand for spare parts.


Terminated by an algorithm

June 29, 2021

Yesterday we talked about how AI can act unethically, as well as encourage and enable humans to engage in unethical behaviour.
The idea that technology enables us to do things is self-evident, yet the inverse is also true, that technology enables us to not do things.




Mark E. Jeftovic

Mark is the co-founder of easyDNS and the editor-in-chief of #AxisOfEasy. He is the author of Managing Mission Critical Domains & DNS (Packt UK, 2018) and Unassailable: Protect Yourself from Deplatform Attacks & Cancel Culture. 

The Canadian Bitcoiners

The Canadian Bitcoiners

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