Inoculating a society against disinformation

June 24, 2020

The battle for hearts and minds rages on, and I’m reminded of a passage from a previous issue on the golden age of propaganda:

Fears over fake news are misplaced, and this focus on falsehoods distracts us from the larger picture, which is the evolution of propaganda. Rather than lamenting the decline of obsolete news corporations, we should instead be talking about democracy, disinformation, and digital media as scapegoat.


The algorithm wants you to send nudes

June 18, 2020

The discussion and understanding of algorithmic bias is still in it’s infancy. Arguably this is true of the study of cognitive bias in general, and the subjective nature of reality.


Future Fibre: Ubiquiti

June 17, 2020

A recurring theme in the research we’ve been conducting into community internet providers has been the role of Ubiquiti. A US based manufacturer and provider of (mostly wireless) networking equipment and products. Their role in the community and wireless internet provider industry has been substantive and has been a catalyst for their proliferation.


Facebook as Shadow Government

June 12, 2020

Media industries are in turmoil. While this has been true for well over a decade, the pandemic has accelerated the demise or transformation of most companies that are still active in the sector.


Social Credit: Identity and Authority

June 10, 2020

It’s been over a month since the last issue in our social credit series, and yet it’s a topic I think about often. In particular I’m still of the belief that social credit systems will be a lasting response to this crisis, especially given increasing concern about identity.


The normalization of dystopia

June 10, 2020

Some days are better than most, but others can be genuinely difficult. Today was one of the latter. There’s just so much out there to be pissed off about, and eventually you run out of piss (and are left with just the vinegar).




Mark E. Jeftovic

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