Of Two Minds


Our Economy In a Nutshell

June 17, 2022

The economy has reached an inflection point where everything that is unsustainable finally starts unraveling.Our economy is in a crisis that’s been brewing for decades. The Chinese characters for the English word are famously–and incorrectly–translated as danger and opportunity.


Could Retail "Bagholders" Spark a Rally "Smart Money" Will Be Forced to Chase?

June 15, 2022

There would be some deliciously karmic justice in the “dumb money” driving a rally that forced the “smart money” to cover their shorts and chase the rally that shouldn’t even be happening. Being cursed with contrarianism, as soon as a trade gets crowded and the consensus is one way, I start looking for whatever is considered so unlikely that it’s essentially “impossible.”


What Happens When the Workforce No Longer Wants to Work?

June 13, 2022

Workers are voting with their feet, and that’s difficult to control. When values and expectations change, everything else eventually changes, too. What happens when the workforce no longer wants to work? We’re about to find out.


Hunter’s Hooker: A Teachable Insight into American Capitalism

June 10, 2022

Every individual and entity seeking to maximize their private gain by prostituting themselves to the government is, well, prostituting themselves to the government. The free-money PPP “loan” obtained by a prostitute frequented by Hunter Biden offers a vividly teachable insight into American capitalism:


There’s No Stopping a Recessionary Reckoning

June 8, 2022

If there was only one causal factor nudging the economy into recession, it might be a mild, brief recession. But with all five conditions in confluence, this recession will be unlike any other. Recessions reliably arise from the confluence of these conditions. Note that any one condition can trigger a recession, but no one condition guarantees a recession. Severe, long-lasting recessions occur when multiple conditions arise at the same time.


New Prosperity Magazine: Goldilocks and the Crack-Up Boom

June 5, 2022

For everyone left out of the Fed’s hyper-financialized, hyper-globalized, hyper-inequality “new prosperity,” there’s always the bargain salmon cassarole. The latest issue of New Prosperity Magazine addresses the Fed’s “Goldilocks” inflation and the coming crack-up boom.




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