AxisOfEasy Salon #24: It’s Not a Conspiracy. It’s a Culture.

October’s here and so are Charles, Jesse and Mark with another episode of the AxisOfEasy Salon.

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#AxisOfEasy Weekly Tech Digest
#AxisOfEasy Weekly Tech Digest
AxisOfEasy Salon #24: It's Not a Conspiracy. It's a Culture.

One thought on “AxisOfEasy Salon #24: It’s Not a Conspiracy. It’s a Culture.

  1. I admire your energy and commitment to relevant political thought. You need a different balance of people, or a different exposition of basic assumptions. There is too much agreement among you on basic assumptions, it would seem. This is my first reaction to listening: it sounds like Scott Adams thinking with three brains. Actually that is not a bad thing. But you might wish to consider how new listeners are meant to join the party.

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