VentureCrapital initiates coverage on $TSLAQ

I had all but mothballed this project because, frankly, I was neglecting it. But lately I’ve been feeling like some kind of inflection point has been reached. When multiple unicorns are underwater or in danger of going underwater on their IPOs ($TLRY, $SNAP, $UBER, that other one…. ) or at least looking like they should be under water ($BYND) and then WeWork looking like it may not even make it to the gate…. combined with yield curve inversions, the Fed shitting itself and the aggregate of negative yield bonds going back up again… well, maybe things are about to get interesting again and it’s time to blow the dustbunnies off of this site…

So with that, we’d be remiss if we didn’t include the all time poster child for unicorn-omics here at Venture Crapital, which is the forthcoming flame out and implosion of Tesla. The $TSLAQ community is doing a first rate job on injecting some reality into the situation, we’re just going to report on it here.

Until the next big Elon Musk / Tesla shitshow happens (which should be any second now), start by checking out the Montana Skeptic and/or @teslacharts episodes over on QuothTheRaven.

We’re filing all this under Imploding.


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