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Latest Issues of #AxisOfEasy

How to Select a Town the Rich Won’t Gentrify and Ruin

September 13, 2023

Let’s review how to select a town that the rich won’t ruin via gentrification / swarming in en masse and driving out locals who have to work for a living.


Here’s Why Housing Is Unaffordable for the Bottom 90%

September 11, 2023

This is the direct consequence of the Federal Reserve’s decades of unprecedented stimulus: extremes of wealth and income inequality that gave the wealthiest households the means to bid up housing to the point it’s no longer affordable to the bottom 90%.


#AxisOfEasy 314: Key Cracking Concerns Emerge From LastPass Breach

September 8, 2023

Key cracking concerns emerge from LastPass breach,
X updates its privacy policy to include biometric data verification from premium users to combat identity fraud,
Threat actors published the scraped data of 2.6M Duolingo users in August 2023… this and more in AofE #314


Reinventing Democracy

September 7, 2023

The whole point of democracy and free markets is to force competition on elites who are desperate to eliminate competition.


We’re Living in a Neofeudal Bubble

September 5, 2023

If you want to understand the neofeudal reality, study these charts.


The Apocalypse of Yajnavalkya: Part 4

September 4, 2023

  Follow Mr. E on Substack and Twitter! This is the fourth and final instalment of chapter 15 of The Apocalypse of Yajnavalkya, published by the Library of Cernê. We end with an in-depth discussion of the phenomenon of ritual abuse, in all its gruesome and pervasive glory. Case reports from all over the world, spanning decades are […]



Mark E. Jeftovic

Mark E. Jeftovic

Mark is the co-founder of easyDNS and the editor-in-chief of #AxisOfEasy. He is the author of Managing Mission Critical Domains & DNS (Packt UK, 2018) and Unassailable: Protect Yourself from Deplatform Attacks & Cancel Culture. 

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Jesse Hirsh

Futurist, researcher and public speaker, Jesse Hirsh has been active in technology and commenting on it across the media for 25 years. His premium newsletter service operates from

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Charles Hugh Smith

Charles Hugh Smith is the author of numerous books and writes from