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Latest Issues of #AxisOfEasy

Isn’t It Obvious We Need a New System?

September 15, 2020

Why do we tolerate such a corrupt, undemocratic, exploitive, elite-dominated system? Because we have no other choice? No, we do have a choice.Isn’t it obvious that we need an alternative economic system that isn’t controlled by corporations, the govern…


GPT-3 and existential angst

September 14, 2020

In yesterday’s issue we looked at GPT-3 from a technical perspective, in today’s issue let’s delve into the philosophy surrounding it. After all, technology as we know it today is as much philosophical or even ideological as it is technological.


The Four D’s That Define the Future

September 13, 2020

When the money runs out or loses its purchasing power, all sorts of complexity that were previously viewed as essential crumble to dust.Four D’s will define 2020-2025: derealization, denormalization, decomplexification and decoherence. That’s a lo…


Dear Jerry and James: You’re Both Wrong About New York

September 11, 2020

The “system” known as a city, now bloated and overgrown by decades of mal-investment, will be forced to become self-supporting.So let’s look at the urban exodus that’s exciting so much commentary. Two essays pin each end of the urba…


This Is How It Ends: All That Is Solid Melts Into Air

September 10, 2020

While the Federal Reserve and the Billionaire Class push the stock market to new highs to promote a false facade of prosperity, everyday life will fall apart.How will the status quo collapse? An open conflict–a civil war, an insurrection, a coup-…


Inflation Is Stealth Austerity

September 9, 2020

Rather than decry austerity, which demands an open political discussion of trade-offs, we should decry inflation’s stealthy reduction of purchasing power.Austerity–bad. Inflation–good. Oh wait–they’re the same thing: both are a reduction in purchasi…



Mark E. Jeftovic

Mark E. Jeftovic

Mark is the co-founder of easyDNS and the editor-in-chief of #AxisOfEasy. He is the author of Managing Mission Critical Domains & DNS (Packt UK, 2018) and Unassailable: Protect Yourself from Deplatform Attacks & Cancel Culture. 

Jesse Hirsh

Jesse Hirsh

Futurist, researcher and public speaker, Jesse Hirsh has been active in technology and commenting on it across the media for 25 years. His premium newsletter service operates from

Charles Hugh Smith

Charles Hugh Smith

Charles Hugh Smith is the author of numerous books and writes from